50 Things to do in Coronavirus Lockdown

Stuck at home due to the Coronavirus Lockdown? and don't know how to utilize this time productively? We have made a list of 50 things you should do at home during the coronavirus lockdown. But before we jump to the list, we should contemplate the life around us & mother nature. Various pictures have emerged after the lockdown by the government that is proof of the Human Torture to Earth. A Mountain Range that is 180 kilometers away is visible from Jalandhar after a decade as the Air Pollution lowered. River Yamuna has clean water just after 10 Days of Lockdown.

It is we the Humans, who took the streets as if they were ours, who complained about a dizzying pace of life where the rush to not reach the places took away our desire. To us, who filled the terraces, the parks, the beaches, and resorts.

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We, who hugged each other and ate each other with kisses when we saw each other, who loved to dance a live concert crowded together, to the touch of the skins; that even without knowing each other we were able to melt into a hug in those moments of exaltation of friendship. To us, who felt like owners of nature, who had planned meetings, trips, classes, presentations, events; that we felt free to go in and out, to go and come back. To us, who on days like today visited us with the tedium of having to go to work. Circumstances have taken away our freedom. U.S. Who would have imagined it.

The realities worldwide are serious and unusual: they generate an alarm. New scenarios confuse, fear, rage, anxieties, for the complex, the unknown, the unusual ... But we are asked for little, very little: you just have to stay at home. And we live in the first world.

These days, rereading " The Intimate Resistance " by Josep María Esquirol, I found this: "The house, as a center, makes the world neither chaos nor total dispersion, it is a condition that there be a world."

Perhaps today these words make more sense than ever.

Human beings are strangers and we can get to play vile roles in supermarkets, but we also have the ability to do wonderful things. And we are still here. Only, at home, it is up to us to enjoy it ... some cannot.

These days I walk with these things to do at home. Some I have already carried out. Above all, I am living in the moment, that exact tenth of a second that is happening right now.


50 Things to do at Home

50 things to do in coronavirus lockdown

  1. Sort hard drives, Dropbox, desktop, etc. removing everything that is not useful.

  2. Plan, analyze the situation, make numbers, forecasts and more numbers to try to get out of this ...

  3. Order all those images that I accumulate greedily, without sense. I don't even know where they are.

  4. Dialogue with me, honestly ... Repairing listening.

  5. Put on my shoes, turn up the volume and walk 10,000 steps. My corridor is a good location: 650 laps.

  6. Maintain my routines, especially those that make me happier.

  7. Cooking, in general, and especially an apple pie with spelled flour ... Enjoy sliding down the textures of the dough.

  8. Find that ray of sunlight that enters the house and create a new space for vitamin D intake on the balcony and dining room, where I have found that it is at certain times of the day. Also, enjoy the rain and those grooves it leaves on the windows.

  9. Play with something physical, modeling, building, board games ...

  10. In 5 days of rest, we lose 9% of our strength and 3.5% of our muscle mass. Exercise my body.

  11. Talk with others, reflect. Think about what we have. And what we want ...

  12. Drawing, although I think I'm not good at it ... Letters, cats, faces of those people who move me inside ... Drawing.

  13. Discovering those corners of the house in which life usually does not let me stop. Photograph them.

  14. Stop, look carefully at the contents of the house, does it make me happy? It is necessary? It is useful? It's nice?

  15. Keep writing, of the reasons, thoughts, feelings ... For me, for others, by hand, by key.

  16. Redesign the flows and ways of working, attentive to the acquisition of knowledge.

  17. Transplant the plants while I tell them a story.

  18. Delve further into art, poetry, philosophy, science, emotions ...

  19. Correct classwork, with care and attention to learning.

  20. Uninhabiting the closet ... Inhabiting it only with what I really use.

  21. Continue the war on plastic and continue to rethink our way of life. Calculate our ecological footprint. What can we change?

  22. Continue in the company of all those who feed my soul, disparate, multiple, infinite: Philip Glass, Michel Nyman, Tindersticks, Françoise Hardy, Villagers, Palace, Claudine Longet, Bebo, Etta, Bowie, Japanese Breakfast, Iggy, Amaro Ferreiro, and so many others ... dance. Create lists. Share them.

  23. Keep scanning, nurturing my curiosity, which is infinite ... pulling the strings. In movies and series, there are multiple references to books, places, music that always open new worlds for me and generate happy learning times.

  24. Hanging out with friends for dinner, chatting, having a snack, preparing everything with care ... And connecting on Skype.

  25. Losing myself in ink spots: Josep Maria Esquirol, Marguerite Duras, Hanif Kureishi, Nuccio Ordine, Elvira Navarro, Sara Mesa, Trueba, Bauman ... and so many other words to be revealed. Take advantage to order and reread.

  26. Observe my body as if it were the first time, in detail, hoping to find news from the experience.

  27. Enjoy absolute silence.

  28. Observe the clouds from the window. Discover the imaginary figures that always hide.

  29. Enjoy a play. The options that theaters are offering these days are multiple and interesting.

  30. "Redesign" social networks, followers, followers, content.

  31. Delight me with all the editorial, musical and cultural content that is being shared online. They are wonderful and a sign that culture saves.

  32. Continue enjoying my work every day, the great fortune of dedicating myself to what I like.

  33. Analyze new projects. Explore new paths.

  34. Advancing that corner that I had forgotten.

  35. Keep up that long-pending conversation.

  36. Enjoy the social adventures that we will experience these days. They will be samples of other ways of relating; They will provoke intense emotions, the kind that makes our hair stand on end. Singing balconies, collective applause, music, visuals, screams of our anxieties ... the manifestations and social events that we will experience will be original and unheard of.

  37. Be aware of time, the same hours, but lived in different ways. That time that before seemed to slip away, now life gives us in abundance.

  38. Shower calmly, with music or silence, thinking about everything we have (most of us are in the first world) and not everything we lack.

  39. Review all the posters I have at home and put in place a plan for their display. Some have been locked up for years.

  40. Begin the Utopia series. They have told me about its peculiarities, meaning, and photography. I have become curious.

  41. Open that drawer that hides treasures of centuries. Discard the useless while thinking about those stupid complaints that we have all made on occasion and trying not to forget them.

  42. Do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  43. Visit the museums. Most have an exhibition schedule and online archives.

  44. Look out the window. Rarely will we spend so much time at home… Those moments propose photographs, inhospitable images, new perspectives.

  45. Miss the people with whom I share my work and personal life.

  46. Have long sessions of games, caresses, and conversations with my cat.

  47. Give encouragement to all those people who have difficulty adapting and living together, especially those who continue their activity normally: restrooms, supermarket staff, pharmacies, transport, etc. They take care of us and shelter us. They cannot live in the house.

  48. Keep working on this project that I hope will see the light this year and I am especially excited.

  49. Take advantage of crises or strange circumstances to learn, rethink other ways of doing and existing. Gràffica was born from it.

  50. Experience that feeling that the Hindus define as Self Realization, feeling the warmth and intimacy of the protection that makes us feel safe at home.

And above all trust. I trust that you are all well and we will all be well.

You have to enjoy your stay. Being at home, working doing things, creating, being healthy, is a privilege, a gift that some cannot enjoy.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Stay Home, Stay Safe"

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