7 best usages of Internet during Lockdown

7 best usages of Internet during Lockdown

It is needless to say how much people are addicted to the internet these days. Especially during the lockdown, when there is not much to do to socialize, we try to keep ourselves occupied in the virtual world. Starting from social networking, sharing memes, blogging, to surfing the internet for establishing a startup; everything is possible and feasible these days through the internet. If you are getting bored at home, you won’t be needing much more than a speed internet connection. Watching movies online, chatting with friends, and even making online shopping are some of the ways to spend hours on the internet.

But if you are searching for some ways that are productive and give you a kind of satisfaction of using the internet then you need to be choosy and wise. Wasting data on unnecessary stuff will just reduce your account balance and a lot of precious time. So, here are a few ways you can use the mobile data or WiFi to make yourself and close ones happy:

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is always fun. You seem more talented, smart, and genius when you are multilinguistic. These days, there are many free and paid channels and coaching classes available. Pick any foreign or Indian language you want and learn a language. You can choose Spanish, French, Italian or Arabic as these are the most spoken language in the world after English.

Read from Online Library

You must be scrolling up and down for good stuff, articles and posts. If you love reading, then you can easily subscribe yourself to an Online Library and get hooked to it. Ordering books or going to market is not safe these days. So it is better that you read on your Kindle from an online library. There are also free libraries, where you can get amazing books to read. You can also browse journals if you love to read updated research articles.

Make a YouTube channel

Are you a good artist? Do you think you could have been a storyteller? Or do you think that quarantine time has made you a good cook! Then why waste time anymore! Show the world what talent you have got! Just cook, paint, do a craft, sing a song with guitar, or do anything creative on your own and upload it on your YouTube channel. You will be amazed to see the comments from strangers on your post. This can be a lot of fun.

Write a blog and Open a business account on Instagram

If you are good at writing, photography or you just have a lot of good memories from your travel history, then blog it up. These days vlogging is also trending. You can make a blog of yourself and share it on Instagram as it is the best way of publicizing your articles. Share photographs on your Insta business account and who knows, you might be a start soon!

Learn Coding Online

You can also learn to code if you want to. These days many freelancers coders are required for jobs. If you learn to code, you can do a job from your home itself. Additionally, learning to code will help you to make your own webpage and apps if you have an idea to promote your own business.

Make New Friends from different countries

Making new friends is always a great way to spend a good time. From trusted sites, make new friends from different countries so that you will gain knowledge about their culture, arts, and language.

Send online gifts on special days

If you are on the internet, and it is a special day, then you must send something good online to your loved ones. Browse the website of MyflowerApp.Com to send the best gifts from anywhere.