7 Ways To Sponsor Your Family Member When You Are On a Student Visa!

7 Ways To Sponsor Your Family Member When You Are On a Student Visa!

Ways To Sponsor Your Family Member When You Are On a Student Visa!

Do you wish to study in Australia with the Student Visa Subclass 500 in an effective manner? If yes, then, you will have to include the names of your pertinent family members in your student visa application. The Department of Home Affairs made this amendment on 1st July, 2016 for all student visa applicants. By doing so, you are actually paving their way to complete a family sponsorship in Australia.  

Why should you include your family members in your student visa application?

Well, you’ve a lot of plans after studying in Australia with the student visa 500, right? To apply for the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 to find employment in Australia temporarily. You cannot let a faulty student visa application come in the way of this dream, for sure. So, you must unfailingly include the names and details of your family members in your student visa application. Otherwise, your family members won’t be able to accompany you all the way to Australia in any way. Hire a Migration Agent Adelaide to get the choicest assistance in this matter. 

A glimpse of the eligible family!

You must know that you cannot include every family member in your student visa application for family sponsorship. Then who you can include as dependant family members in your student visa application to qualify for a family sponsorship? 

  • Your de facto partner or spouse and 
  • Any child or children borne by your de facto partner or spouse 

Again, including these family members in the application of your student subclass 500 is not enough! You will have to meet some eligibility preconditions pertaining to each of them. By doing so, you will be able to qualify for a family sponsorship in a successful manner. 

Eligibility Preconditions for Family Members!

Following is a checklist of eligibility criteria which your compatible family members should meet unfailingly concerning their family sponsorship’s qualification. These include the following: 

  • Dependent child if any: The child has to be your own first of all whether he or she is adopted or has a blood connection with you. Aside, he or she should be below eighteen years of age. The child should again be constantly involved into academics and should be single. 
  • Dependent de facto partner or spouse if any: If the person is your de facto partner, then, you should have stayed with him or her at least for twelve months and not less. Again, you need to prove the same through substantial evidence before you apply for your student visa. Conversely, if the person is your spouse, then, you should prove your marital relationship through concrete evidence as well. Remember, that your relationship has to be consistent, original and substantial too. 

Did you know about the Student Guardian Visa subclass 590 in Australia? This visa lets your parents accompany you all the way to Australia! If you really want that to happen, then, you should qualify for a family sponsorship first. Hopefully, you’ll ascertain the eligibility requirements above while including your family members’ names in your visa application. 

Gather the essential documents!

Before you apply for your dependent family members’ sponsorship in your student visa application, you must gather the following documents: 

  • Evidence of financial ability 
  • A copy of the main page of your passport 
  • Evidence that the main applicant is into an ongoing mode of study must be obtained from the pertinent education provider
  • Proofs which substantiate that you are actually a family member of the main applicant 

Aside these documents, documents related to the annual income should also be arranged unfailingly. These documents must show that the yearly earnings of the pertinent family member is AU$70,000 and not less. Alongside, evidence should be provided to prove the availability of sufficient funds. By ascertaining this aspect the Australian Immigration Department will rest assured that you can run your living expenses effectively. They will also be assured about the fact that you can pay the tuition fees for the next twelve months effortlessly. 

Insurance evidence for all the eligible family members!

 Some other requirements must be met unfailingly as well. As a family member who is dependent might need to provide some other documents as well. These credentials should again be related relevantly with your pertinent circumstances. Aside, Form-1229-Consent should again be taken into account for children who are below the age of eighteen years. This form will approve an Australian visa to the child or children concerned. This particular form also applies to those who are below the age of eighteen years. 

What your family members can do? 

After you have obtained the family sponsorship for all your eligible family members, they can expect certain privileges instead. By optimizing the same, your eligible family members will be able to do the following things: 

  • They can accompany you all the way to Australia after your visa gets granted indicating your impending arrival and
  • Accompany you in Australia until the time they are included in your application. 

Remember, you need not include your family members’ names in certain exceptional circumstances. These include the completion of a consequent visa and becoming their family members after your student visa was approved etc. Hire an Immigration Agent Adelaide to apply for your student visa family sponsorship successfully. A Registered Migration Agent Adelaide has the necessary knowledge and acumen to get the task finished flawlessly. So, when looking for the best Migration Agent Near Me, appoint a migration agent in Adelaide without thinking twice!