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Matt Stonie is dubbed as the “Megatoad”, and for a very valid reason. His eating skills have gotten his number one spot in a number of eating competitions, besides earning a status quo for completing numerous eating challenges. Matt Stonie started his competitive eating career in 2010 when he first started winning eating competitions on a back-to-back basis. Ever since he has bagged several titles and a name in the competitive eating community as the best competitive eater out there right now. However, there are a number of questions that are unanswered, such as Matt Stonie girlfriend, and we explore those topics here in this article.

Full name – Matthew Kai Stonie

Matt Stonie age – 28 years old

Matt Stonie nationality – American

Matt Stonie ethnicity – Multiracial (mix of Japanese, Czechoslovakian and Lithuanian)

Matt Stonie dating status – Single, not married

Matt Stonie Girlfriend

Matt Stonie Profession

It was back in 2010 that Matt Stonie casually entered a lobster roll eating competition, just like many others. However, it took him only 10 minutes to finish the challenge and bag the victory prize of $1,000. Matt Stonie has admitted that at the time he entered the challenge just to make a quick buck. However, this victory fueled his spirit to dive into the career of competitive eating, and he is presently ranked number 2 in the competitive eating league.

Matt Stonie participates in a number of competitive eating titles, that feature some of his best counterparts from around the globe. However, he is also well-known for recording his own speed videos of eating large quantities of food like flaming hot Cheetos and frozen yogurt. All of this, coupled with his appealing outlook, has made him one of the most liked figures in the community. His success and popularity continue to grow.

What is the Matt Stonie age?

Matt Stonie was born on May 24, 1992. That makes him 28 years old as of now. Since his birthday falls in late May, the Matt Stonie horoscope is Gemini, which is another thing people frequently wonder about.

Matt Stonie has been professionally taking part in competitive eating titles since he was 18 years old. He made his YouTube channel when he was 20, where he uploads speed eating videos and participates in social media’s trending and popular eating challenges. His popularity has been rising ever since, and he is not only well-loved within the competitive eating community but also regarded as one of the best competitive eaters out there as of now.

Matt Stonie Networth

Where is Matt Stonie from?

Matt Stonie was born in San Jose, California. San Jose is a beautiful, bustling, and economically rich city in Northern California. Even though this makes his nationality to be American, Matt Stonie race wise is mixed or multiracial, with Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian heritage.

The Complete Matt Stonie Bio

Matt Stonie’s height has been measured to be 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters. Even though he might not be the tallest when it comes to the American culture, he looks fit and fine, because of his young and jovial looks. In fact, Matt Stonie weight is 59 kg or 130 lbs. Matt Stonie eye color is dark brown and his eyes are narrow and small, which adds to his cute appearance. In addition, he has thick, natural black hair.

People are often surprised at why someone who eats large amounts of food as part of their profession is as fit and healthy as Matt Stonie. However, he says he uses techniques like drinking large amounts of water and low-calorie foods to teach his stomach to stretch or expand while it digests the food. Besides his unmatched eating skills, Matt Stonie’s appealing and innocent looks give one more reason for fans to like him.

Why is Matt Stonie called Megatoad?

Even though his fans know him by his super popular nickname Megatoad, most would not know exactly why he is called so. The Matt Stonie nickname of Megatoad is derived from the character of Toad from the Super Mario Bros franchise. The character resembles Matt Stonie in several ways, some of the most notable and prominent being a happy, jovial and humble outlook.

Matt Stonie Girlfriend

How much is Matt Stonie net worth?

Matt Stonie has several sources of income, such as his wins in competitive eating, the super-popular Matt Stonie YouTube channel, taking part in eating challenges, etc. Being the best in competitive eating definitely pays. He is said to be doing very well for his age, and the Matt Stonie net worth is estimated to be at least $700,000. However, many experts put the estimate at $5 million, because of his massive earnings from YouTube ads.

The million-dollar question: Who is Matt Stonie girlfriend?

A lot of people ask: who is Matt Stonie dating, is Matt Stonie single, is there a Matt Stonie wife? The fact of the matter is not much is known about the details of Matt Stonie’s dating life. However, if internet sources and his most fervent followers are to be believed, then Matt Stonie is single as of now. There is no Matt Stonie girlfriend right now, and he wishes to focus on his career.

Matt Stonie has been in one relationship in the past. However, we do not know who his girlfriend was, as they kept their relationship private from social media and the paparazzi. However, we are going to keep you updated with Matt Stonie’s relationship status news, if and when any information is made public.

Matt Stonie Social Media Life

Matt Stonie Instagram – The Megatoad has 380k followers on Instagram itself, which he regularly updates with posts of delightful-looking food and personal photographs. His posts often suit his public image of a jovial and innocent guy. And of course, the Matt Stonie Instagram profile of @matt_stonieis verified by Instagram.

Matt Stonie YouTube – Matt Stonie has a YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads videos of him eating various kinds of food, including flaming hot Cheetos. These videos and his popular status have drawn in a total of 13.2 million subscribers to the Matt Stonie YouTube channel. This number has been consistently rising since when he first started his YouTube channel in 2012. His name on YouTube is Matt Stonie, although his channel/profile name is MegatoadStonie.

Matt Stonie Twitch – Matt Stonie has recently started a Twitch account by the name of MattStonie, where his followers are on a steady rise. He streams his gaming sessions on Twitch, and sometimes even plays along with his viewers. Some cool-looking Matt Stonie merchandise is even available for purchase via the Matt Stonie Twitch account.

What the future holds for Matt Stonie?

Matt Stonie is well focussed on his career and even wishes to broaden the avenues of his profession. One of Matt Stonie’s long-time interests is music, and he has said that he would like to try giving a side career in music a shot. He is already regarded as the best at competitive eating by many people, and his young, appealing, and innocent charm keep drawing in more and more fans on a steady basis. The future looks bright for the Megatoad.

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