Best Methods to stay Fit

Psychological Fitness

It is the basis of physical fitness. It prepares the ground for activities and amplitude. Man is what he thinks. Fitness is a commitment for the own self. Healthy minds will secret the healthy hormones in proper ratio inside the body. Balanced and proper hormonal secretion will improve the physiological fitness. Some methods to improve the psychological fitness are explained below.
But what exactly is Fitness ?? 

Meditation: Meditation is the easiest method to improve the psychological fitness. It is said that meditation replaces medication. Meditation and medication are two words just opposite to each other. Ii is not necessarily being religious type of meditation. A handy knowledge from the books will also help a lot. It will also help to live the life in its fullest realm. There are many types of meditation among which one or two types can be chosen by the readers and benefits can be derived.


Brain Games: The brain basically is a processing machine. It keeps processing the inputs supplied to it. After processing the input, it gives the output or stores the data for future use. It is never interested in already processed inputs for which it has given the output. When this unique processing unit does not get sufficient input of proper grade fuel, it finds itself bored. The input works as a fuel for the brain. In the lack of input the brain becomes fuel less and idle.

Brain Teasers:           As far as brain teasers are concerned these are also a sort of brain games in low intensity on specific themes. The themes of brain teasers may be mathematical like number system, shapes, angles, etc. or the grammatical like, parts of speech, similes, spellings, etc. brain teasers are very helpful to the student community and teaching fraternity as they provide an extended learning along with psychological improvement.


Mysteries: Mysteries are some sort of true or imaginary stories which leave some questions at the end to be solved or answered by the readers. It improves the understanding of the reader about that particular story and also involves the reader in that story. The reader becomes a party to that story and tries to find out the answers to the problems of the story or to solve the mystery.


Puzzles: Puzzle solving in also an interesting method to improve psychological fitness. Puzzles make the brain challenged and the bran occupies itself into the solution of a given puzzle seriously. Puzzles may be alphabetical or numerical in nature. Now a days even the puzzles are available on specific themes. These are based on the age group. Thematic puzzles not only improve functioning of brain but also improve the depth of knowledge about the specific subject. Puzzles are liked by children as well as elderly



Sudoku:          Sudoku is a sort of puzzle with numerals only. Sudoku is a number grid with one-digit natural numbers which need to be fixed into a grid of 81 small squares without repetition. Sudoku is also an effective method to improve psychological fitness. The degree of difficulty must be increased regularly to keep interest of the brain in it.


Chess: Chess is also considered a fool proof method to improve psychological fitness. It is a sort of indoor game played on a chess board of 64 squares. Initially it needs some specific lessons to know the moves of the pieces. It is a most ancient intellectual and cultural game is a combination of a sport, of scientific thinking and of the elements of the art.


Music: Music from the time immemorial helped the mankind to improve the psychological fitness. This is the reason that for every occasion there is music. The music whether instrumental or vocal soothes the mind and brings the peace and calm. On the occasions it brings excitements and valour. The music may be in the group or solo in both cases it brings harmony. Every knot of the sound of music brings vibration in the nerves which affects the brain accordingly. Music not only affects the human beings but also affects the animals. Music has proven to be therapeutic in nature. It cures the mental disorders as well. There is no one in the universe that dislikes music. Solo instrumental or vocal music helps the subjects to go into deep of imagination. It makes the brain tireless and works as a tonic to the brain.


Physiological Fitness

Psychological fitness prepares the ground for physiological fitness which results in physical fitness and the sum of the three becomes total fitness. There are many methods to improve physiological fitness all of which improve the functioning of the physiological systems. The human body is a group of many physiological systems which work in co-ordination to each other. Malfunctioning of one or more systems affects the functioning of other systems negatively which causes illness or diseases. So, it is necessary to keep the functioning of these systems in proper order. The following methods to improve physiological fitness may be utilized according to the suitability and choice of the readers.

Massage:        Massage is an ancient system of treatment. It can also be used as the prevention for many diseases. Blood works as the transporter of the body by transporting oxygen from lungs to every part of the body and glucose from liver and spleen to working muscle. It also transports the carbon dioxide from various body parts to the lungs and inner core heat of the body to the outer periphery of the body. For this purpose, circulatory system contains heart, arteries, arterioles and capillaries. For the purpose of de-transportation this system contains veins and venules. Arteries are generally deep rooted in the entire body but the veins and venules are present below the skin. These are also known as superficial blood vessels.

Sauna Bath:   Sauna bath helps the circulatory and excretory systems to work smoothly. Sauna bath is taken in specific chamber meant for the purpose. During this bath blood vessels dilate and constrict during sauna bath. This bath is generally started with cold showers and ended with cold showers.

 Steam Bath: Through steam bath is similar to the sauna bath only difference lies in cold shower. In steam bath cold shower is not taken. Steam bath improves the circulatory and excretory systems. There are fixed specified steam bath chambers available in the market today. These chambers are not much expensive and occupy very less space. Some companies offer steam bath chamber made of glass / fibre / canvas etc. During steam bath the person sites on a stool and keeps the head out of the steam bath chamber cabin.


Whirlpool Bath: Whirlpool bath is also an effective method to improve physiological fitness. In this type of bath, the water is poured with force through the jets. The force of water pressure gives the acupressure effect to the body parts. This releases whole muscular system. Most of the body remain immersed in the water this results in the removal of all stacked materials from the intestine. Thus, whirlpool bath works to improve muscular system on one hand and the excretory system on the other hand. All types of ulcers, constipation, body pain etc. can be treated through whirlpool bath.



 Life prolonging Exercises (Pranayama): Breathe is the only link between life and death. Life prolonging exercise which are also known as Pranayama (Breath Hold) is very effective to improve physiological fitness. This is also a sort of pranic Healing. Breath forms the basis for other physiological systems. Energy molecules cannot liberate energy without oxygen. Through the life prolonging exercises body gets de-toxify.


 Physical Fitness


It is physical fitness which gets visualised by the onlookers. Physical fitness is a continued long effort in order to stay healthy. Physical fitness is the sum of improved fitness elements called movement frequency, flexibility, strength, endurance and coordinative abilities. All the methods of physical fitness emphasise on one or the other element among these five. These five elements are also known as motor abilities because there are the only elements which make the motor movements possible.

Walking: Walking is the easiest exercise to maintain physical fitness. Even warm up is not required for this method of physical fitness. Walking does not require any specific implement. A pair of good shoes, track pant / lower or shorts and a T shirt or track upper are the only gears which need in walking. It can be done by any person in any age in any season. No consultation of any doctor is needed to start walking. Heart rate generally reaches up to 120 beats per minute which remain well below the danger mark. Walking may be done continuously for long duration or in intervals of desired distances or time durations. Preferably walking should be done in the early mornings empty stomach or late evenings. It is advisable to walk in the parks because walking alongside the roads may prove to be dangerous due to the traffic.


Jogging/Running: Running is the oldest method to improve physical fitness. Normally the running is done outdoors but now a days due to the availability of tread mill it can also be done indoors. method of physical It must be kept in mind that the running done outdoors cannot be replaced by tread mill running. Running is also an economical fitness. The gears required in running comprise one pain of a good shoe, track pant / lower shorts, track upper or T. Shirt, a cap (optional) and wrist band to wipe sweating. Before going deep into the details of running the terminology pertaining to the running work outs must be known which is explained below:


i)  Aerobic Running: This is the pace of running in which the oxygen requirement for energy liberation process is met by the respiration from atmosphere oxygen reserves of the body do not get depleted or utilized. The heart rates in aerobic running never cross 140 beats per minute. In simpler words aerobic running is the running in presence of oxygen.


ii) Anaerobic Running: This is the pace of running in which the oxygen requirement for energy liberation process is not met by the respiration from the atmosphere. Oxygen reserves of the body get utilized and sometimes depleted which need to be replaced after the running through respiration. The heart rate in anaerobic running generally remains more than 140 beats per minute.


Sand/Hill/Stair Running:     Sand running, hill running and stair running may be termed as the super forms of running. These running improve the leg strength to maximum and all the three types are usually practiced by professional runners to prepare themselves for the competitions. Though normal running is sufficient for physical fitness but if hill, sand or stair running is included in fitness workouts it will be much more effective. Sand, hill or stair running involve more efforts eventually results in super form of physical fitness. Hill, sand or stair running workouts should not be for more than 20-25 minutes duration in one session and weekly 2-3 session will prove to be optimum.



Free Hand Exercises (CALISTHENICS): In order to remain physically fit it is not necessary to run, swim or go for weight training in the gymnasiums. Sick and elderly people may do some free hand all body exercises even at home. 15 – 20 minutes of free hand exercises will serve the purpose. Free hand exercises are named so because no implement of any kind is used in these exercises. One needs not to consult a doctor to start with free hand exercises. Free hand exercises do not require any specific attire or space. These can even be practiced at workplace provided the stomach is empty. There is no specific rule for these exercises from head to toe.




Cycling: Cycling is also a method to improve physic al fitness. It is very beneficial to improve the fitness of lower limbs (legs). Cycling burns the calories at a farter rate so it is highly recommended for reducing the body weight. It is not necessary to go for cycling on the road. Cycling on the road may prove to be risky. In place of cycle, cycle ergo metre may be used inside the gymnasium.


Swimming:    Swimming is the activity in which all body joints, muscles get involved so swimming can be termed as the best method of physical fitness improvement. Swimming is not only beneficial physically but also physiologically. When one does swim one also gets the benefits of hydrotherapy because the body remain inside the water for a long time. It is mandatory to learn swimming from a qualified swimming coach first. Swimming is little bit risky too so the life guard must be available nearby.

Aerobics:       Aerobics is a form of free hand exercises in a set pattern with accuracy and rhythm. Now days this form of exercises is very popular. In aerobics intensity of work outs remain comparatively low and the energy liberation process does not switch to the anaerobic or we can say that the pulse rate of the person during aerobics does not reach the anaerobic threshold point for this reason such work outs are termed as aerobics. Today aerobics is a familiar word. Aerobics is also an effective method to improve physical fitness. Aerobics is generally done indoor along with the music. Exercise steps are synchronized with the music knots so it creates interest of the person one does not need to consult a doctor to start aerobics.


Gymnasium: When one thinks of fitness, gymnasium comes to mind immediately. Gymnasium has become the synonym to fitness most of the people think that only muscle building exercises can be done in the gymnasium. It was true some years ago as only man used to go to the gymnasium to build their muscles with the help of iron weights available in the gymnasium but modern gymnasiums are not the places of iron weights for men any more. Today gymnasiums are visited by both men and women even children are not behind. Modern gymnasiums facilitate the people from all walks and ages from the society. Now gymnasiums are not used only for increasing the muscle bulk but for all sorts of fitness. Specific apparatuses are available in the gymnasiums today. One can go for weight gain, weight loss, muscle building, flexibility development, running for endurance development etc.


Yoga: Yoga is very popular in modern world more and more people are switching over to yoga today. Yoga not only improves physical fitness improves physiological fitness also. There is no lactic acid production inside the body as the be-product of energy liberation process so yoga postures do not produce fatigue inside the body. Yoga postures are super aerobic in nature as the supply of oxygen during the workouts remains more than the requirement of the work out.



 Before selecting the training program, we should remember following few things in mind:

Ø  Program of any types is always an individual’s own choice. A program designed by another person may not necessarily suit the person or a common program for many is difficult to be prepared.

Ø  As far as fitness is concerned, programs in this regard also may not suit many for one reason or the other. One’s availability of time, access to the gymnasium / play field / park, physical fitness level, age, sex, fitness gears and implements and many more factors are there which need to be taken into consideration while preparing a fitness programme.

Ø  It is first necessary to understand that while the object of fitness training is to develop the capacity to exercise, this can only be done in relation to lungs capacity so it is necessary to run many kilometres as one possibly can at aerobic pace where heart beat does not cross 140 beats per minute.

Ø   Progressively increase the running efforts as fitness is developed.

Ø  More kilometre one is able to run in training, the greater endurance   

one will be able to improve.

Ø  Pulse rate should be used as a valuable tool in training.

Ø  Physical fitness depends largely on the combination of aerobic and

anaerobic workouts.

Ø  Under training is always better than over training.

Ø   Diet plays an important role in fitness.

Ø   Warm up and cool down processes are not time wastes so could not be


Ø   Human body is not merely a pumping or moving machine so there must

be variations in training and stereo type of training should be avoided.

Ø   Training should be enjoyed from within and should not seem as imposed


Ø   Training should always be reviewed periodically and suitable changes

should be brought.

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