Bounties of an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Bounties of an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

The Emirates is known for its mighty wonders. Whether it's the world's tallest tower -Burj Khalifa, or the widespread golden desert safari Dubai. This region has an exclusive recognition of its own over the world map. The exceptional beauty of Dubai is more exotic to witness when you are accompanied by welcoming hosts. Like we were welcomed by the hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Our venture to the dunes of Dubai couldn't be more riveting if we hadn't chosen them for managing our tour.


From pick up to drop off, the tour operators of Happy Adventures Tourism were guiding us while exploring the desert. We spent the sunset in the desert safari because we had heard many stories of the evening charms of this place. They say it right, the dunes spread magic when there's sundown. So let's take a glide into an evening desert safari.

The beauty of the Arabian Dunes During Sunset

1.   Reaching the Dunes

So the desert safari in Dubai began with a pick-up during early evening hours. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC sent their skilled driver who drove us safely to the dunes. A standard tour to the conservation reserve starts with a pick up in a 4WD from a pre-decided spot. We were carried to the dunes in a land cruiser. You can also avail of a bus service or a self-driven package to reach there.


Well, upon reaching the desert, all we had to care about was the enthralling sand sports!

2.   Dune Bashing and Enthralling Sand Sports

Real amusement begins when you get your hands on an SUV. From dune bashing to sandboarding, the crazy dune activities are just overwhelming! Dune bashing is quite popular among thrill-seekers. People love to cross the high bumps of the terrain in a land cruiser and hummer. However, many of them enjoy riding in a dune buggy, Nissan patrol, and wrangler jeep as well.


You'll also see bikers hitting the terrain on their quad bikes. One can ride a quad bike after taking a set of instructions on how to drive it. These enthralling activities elevate the adrenaline levels of the riders. Thereby, contribute to the endless amusement in the desert.

3.   Desert Safari Sightseeing

The Arabian dunes are the epitome of universal beauty. Take their golden hues, wandering animals, or the blue skies, all of them are just exquisite! The tourists love to visit here before the sunset so as not to miss its cantaloupe. You have a great opportunity to photograph the magical landscape reflecting elegance. Click you are the best shots to take away as souvenirs.


Catch the hopping gazelles, wild owls, oryx, and other marshy creatures. There's a whole world to unleash at the barren of Dubai which was hidden from your eyes until your one move.

4.   Navigate the Camel

Explore the terrain from over the camel's hump as you cannot walk more than few meters. The submerging sand of the desert is not friendly to your feet. That's why there are camel rides kept ready for you to explore the whole wilderness. A camel ride near sunset is so mesmerizing that you'd never want to stop. As the sundown begins, the photographers take out their camera for some epic silhouette shoots of these heritage carriers. By riding a camel at the dunes, one gets to wonder how the Arabs developed from nomads to landowners.

5.   Henna Painting and Arabian Attiring

You'll see exciting activities going on at the campsite. These include Henna painting, Arabian outfitting, and falconry. The Arabian customs are portrayed for the guests in their fully evolved emblems. Henna painting is enjoyed by women and little girls. People also cherish wearing traditional Arabian rags and capturing them. Then there's a falcon show in which these birds show their stunts in the sand.

6.   Live Dance and Music Festive

Witness the fun-filled entertainment gala which is set in the cradle of the dunes to amaze everyone. Scream over the stupendous moves of the incredible artists performing various dance forms. These include the mystic Tanoura dance, stunning Belly dance, the blazing fire show, and other Arabian art depictions.


Listen to the harmonious Arabic melodies that find their way straight to the heat. The exciting entertainment gala can be attended only in an evening or overnight desert safari. Choose one of those if you don't want to miss those live performances.

7.   Food and Refreshments

Try tempting dishes waiting for the foodies at the buffet set in the middle of the barren. We were presented Arabian tea along with dates. Whereas, the tea lovers of our group enjoyed the sips of tea along with snacks and cookies.


Moreover, the buffet was enriched with tempting veg and non-veg dishes. The inviting menu was based on Arabian and international food along with desserts and side perks. Our tour guide of the Happy Adventures Tourism LLC subjected us to smolder shisha. Having the hookah at the campsite locked us in a traditional frame where escape is not desired!

8.   Beautifully Embellished Camps

The campsites look like little dream houses on the golden topography. The nomadic resting places are beautifully pitched on the Bedouin theme. We were a bunch of friends who got escorted to these traditional camps by the operators of Happy Adventures Tourism. There we felt the real essence of Arabian hospitality. Moreover, there was a different and pleasing vibe of nomadic living in the modern-day.



So this was all about what we experienced on our tour to the dunes. Tourists from all over the globe keep this exquisite location a busy vacationland in Dubai. The glorious dunes of Arabia create a platform for the wanderers to fulfill their wanderlust.


If you are planning a similar trip in Dubai, it is recommended to search for a good itinerary. Like we did and found Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. We had a blast with them and you can have it too. Just do your research well and get into the real-life fantasies at the golden barren of the UAE!