Contactless dining – The new normal

Contactless dining – The new normal

The outbreak of COVD-19 has posed new challenges to the restaurant industry globally. Customers have become more safety conscious and prefer restaurants that offer contactless dining options. The term contactless dining refers to a concept that reduces customer contact with objects that someone else has touched. Technology has made it possible by eliminating the use of high-touch elements at restaurants. 

The various components of contactless dining

 Modern-day, cloud-based restaurant management platforms have made contactless dining a popular option. Let’s explore the various elements of contactless dining.


Access to digital menus As multiple customers use paper menus, it becomes dirty easily and diners hesitate to touch them. In the new normal, the replacement offered by restaurant management platforms is digital menus where customers access the menu by scanning a QR code on their phone. They can view the images and videos of their favorite dishes and place orders accordingly. Platforms, such as Inresto DineIn, offer an additional feature of providing smart recommendations to diners based on their previous dining patterns. From the perspective of restaurateurs, it helps them achieve considerable savings as it reduces printing and labor costs associated with paper menus.

 Place orders without contact- As the customer places an order on the mobile phone, there is no need to speak to the waiter. One more advantage is that customers can easily edit the order if anything goes wrong. As soon as the waiter accepts the order, it is automatically pushed to the restaurant POS system. From the perspective of the restaurant, the chances of errors are also minimized as the customers themselves place the order.

 Make digital payments In the pre-pandemic world, the majority of the customers used to make restaurant bill payments using hard currency. It involved touching at multiple points as the customers had to collect the bill using hands and handover cash at the billing counter. Now, with the help of restaurant management systems, customers can view the bill in the mobile app and make payments via digital platforms such as Google Pay and Paytm. This facility helps avoid crowding at the billing counter.

Parting Words

 In addition to the above steps, restaurants need to ensure that all the employees are wearing masks, proper spacing is maintained between tables, and sanitizer vending machines are placed at the entrance and the washing area. Contactless dining has become the new normal, and technology platforms have made life much more comfortable for restaurant owners.