Decoration lighting is up along the Jingan Part of the Suzhou River

SHANGHAI, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The project to install decoration lights along the Jingan part of the Suzhou River is essentially completed and all the lights will be on, said the Jingan Bureau of the Shanghai Afforestation and City Appearance Administration.

The lighting plan covers the distance from Yuanjing Road to Middle Henan Road on the North bank, which is 4.7 kilometers long and the distance from Anyuan Road to North Chengdu Road on the South bank, which is 1.6 kilometers long. The North and South banks of the Suzhou River in Jingan are intertwined, demonstrating the unique regional disposition and humanistic connotation of the area through the poetry of light carried by architectural structures.

The reconstruction in the Butterfly Bay Park is the centerpiece of the project. Childlike scenes such as the Magical Crystal and the Kaleidoscope Tree Bottle are created using dreamy methods. The Butterfly Bay Park is transformed into a “magical illusional forest”, including fantastic projections and water screen cartoon pictures made possible by AI controlling technology.

In terms of the exhibition of the holistic nightscape architectural structures on both banks of the Suzhou River, the designing of the project took into account the original style of the buildings. The designing managed to distinguish the primary from the lesser while highlighting the key part, showcasing individual characteristics of nightscape buildings in different areas as well as embodying the integrity and harmony of space.

What’s more, those decoration lights in Jingan can be brightened and dimmed remotely through a state-of-the-art controlling system. The lights can be adjusted to fit into different settings and atmosphere, ensuring visual artistic effect while being sensitive to the environment, thus contributing to the society. 

SOURCE The Jingan Bureau of the Shanghai Afforestation and City Appearance Administration

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