Download Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers for Practice

Download Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers for Practice

Accountancy is the main subject in the class 12th. To understand the concepts and their practical problem solving, students need to do a lot of written practice. Even a small mistake can affect the marks of the students. That’s why Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers are important and beneficial for students. You can download the Accountancy practice papers from the link above. You will get CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 and old papers. The exam paper marking scheme and the correct answers are also given for each paper. Cross-check your answers after you solve the sample papers. Scroll down to read how practicing the Accountancy Papers can help you score well in the exams.

Download PDFs of Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers from VSI

Click on the Sample Papers link given above to obtain the PDFs. You will get many sample papers on VSI. If you want to practice section-wise or take one chapter at a time, you can get separate PDFs from VSI. 

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What is the need to solve Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers?

Accountancy is a subject where you need to have clear concepts before you start solving problems. The subject involves so many different concepts, and then there are lots of calculations a student needs to do in this paper. Students can feel like no amount of written practice is enough for them. When taken as tests, the sample papers can help analyze the efforts students have put so far I'm their studies. With the sample papers, students can know one of the most important things—how well do they understand a topic and how well they can do in the exam. 

Instead of waiting for the main exams and later on wishing 'if I had more time, I would have practiced more,' you should start practicing now. The sample papers will help you what marks you could have scored and what mistakes you could have made in the paper. Knowing your weak points in the Accountancy paper can help you improve. 

How to score good marks with the help of Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers?

There are so many things that you can learn with the help of class 12 Accountancy sample papers. Give your sample paper like a real exam and take a note of these important things that will help you:

  • Understand the theory questions that were asked in the sample paper. Whether they direct or indirect, and from which chapter were they asked? 
  • When solving the sample paper, see which questions have difficult parts. Practice them more. 
  • Observe which type of questions or specifically in which question you are investing more time. Also, observe if the question was lengthy or difficult that caused the excessive time investment. 
  • Find out where you have made calculation mistakes, and often have you made it the whole paper. 
  • Highlight the points and questions where you lost marks. Understand the reason for the mistakes and come up with ways on how you can avoid them in the main paper. 
  • Mark any other question that you think is important and should be revised again, even if you did it well. 
  • Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers are the best way to test your capability to keep the answer sheet presentable till the end. If you were unable to keep it neat, then you must improve.
  • Accountancy is one paper where even a mistake as small as putting an extra zero in the figures or overwriting them. If you make such mistakes often in Accountancy, then make a habit of cutting them and writing again neatly. Because maintaining neatness is very important. 
  • The exam-like experience will help you in understanding how to utilize reading time in exams.

If you want to gain the best results in solving the Accountancy sample papers, you must complete the syllabus at least once before it. Strictly follow the guidelines and other instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it important to solve the Accountancy sample paper? 

Ans. The class 12 sample papers will only benefit you, so you must solve the sample papers.

Q2. How to download the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Sample Paper 2020 with solutions?

Ans. Visit the VSI website using the link above. You will get the PDF links for downloading all the papers.

Q3. What pattern of questions will be asked in the Accountancy exam 2021? 

Ans. CBSE has changed many things in the exam pattern, like more 1 mark questions will be asked. See the class 12 Accountancy sample paper 2021 to understand the complete paper pattern. 

Download all the papers and their solutions to start practicing. If you haven’t completed your syllabus yet, download the sample papers with the solutions for practicing later. You can solve them after you complete the syllabus. Whenever you solve the papers, take it seriously, as your board exam. It will help you discover your common mistakes and weak areas. The more focused you will be, the better outcomes you will get.