Fashion news and shorts models of 2021

Fashion news and shorts models of 2021

The active use of shorts in fashion shows is great proof that they should be in your wardrobe too. This summer you cannot do without jeans, as it is recognized as the most practical and at the same time stylish material. And if you collect one piece from these two components, then it becomes clear that they will be the next purchase - denim shorts. Of course, review your stock of tops and T-shirts before buying, because a new bottom needs a fresh top. And in general, it is better to plan your capsule wardrobe in advance and in as much detail as possible.

The ability to combine things with each other is a necessary skill. And you can start with basic units. For example, even regular denim shorts and skirts can be a starting point for creating five to six sets in different styles, such as:

  • street style,
  • casual,
  • boho,
  • grunge,
  • office bow.

If you like only one of the proposed styles, then choose the model of fashionable shorts that best suits the rest of the clothes of your favorite direction. When choosing, keep in mind that the novelty should go well with the existing clothes. And also a modern woman knows that the models of trendy shorts for a holiday in a resort and for a summer in the city are different. They differ in length and style. The rest depends on your personal tastes and ideas.

Fashion shorts 2020

What does fashion offer in 2020? Primarily an emphasis on freedom of movement. This is the direction that haute bershka promo code collections have been dictating for the last five years. Therefore, in fashion for the majority, the so-called wearable or prot-a-porter has firmly entered and gained a foothold in various models of different clothes for women of freestyle and straight silhouettes. With the variety on offer, it's easy to find stylish and comfortable shorts. Among denim models, the leaders are:

  • with a high waist,
  • an elastic belt in the form of a large ruffle,
  • with a belted bow,
  • elongated straight lines.

A separate novelty of this summer is bicycles, which open up many opportunities for thin and slender girls to create topical outfits. If your favorite look is in line with the sporty direction, then by all means get yourself a pair of skinny shorts with a length to mid-thigh and slightly below. You can combine elongated T-shirts with them, having previously picked up a belt or fabric belt. All this appeals to the main trend of the season - to create a balance between large size (oversized) and a tight silhouette.

Secondly, there is a hint of grunge. From here comes the fashion for torn edges of denim material, wide, noticeable seams, abrasions, and, of course, a gradient overflow in the color of the fabric. Therefore, you can safely choose a novelty - shorts, which have a deliberately unstitched edge, and also have noticeable thread breaks. Another plus of current models is the mandatory presence of side pockets. Not a single high-waisted or long-leg shorts are complete without them. This style will come in handy for an office outfit. That is, modern options for short pants can be easily combined with:

  • blouse,
  • top,
  • bodysuit,
  • sleeveless T-shirt.

If the weather forces you to cover your shoulders, you can choose a jacket or jeans. You can also choose a trench coat or an elongated vest for new shorts.

Looks with denim shorts

In order for your bow to be called stylish, you need to consider ready-made proposals from stylists and fashion bloggers. They know and test for themselves all the best that goes well with each other. For example, thanks to the many images on Instagram, where classic jeans and skinny are combined with stiletto pumps, this outfit has become just a must-have for any woman. Therefore, armed with ready-made kits, it is easy to find your own style and at the same time be in trend.

So, fashion suggests combining a short top with any high-rise denim shorts. This could be a model:

  • silk with thin straps,
  • bodysuit with short sleeves and a row of buttons,
  • Jersey T-shirt with a snake.

You can also combine current news with a shirt of an unusual cut, a wrap-around blouse, a T-shirt with an unusual printed shirts.

If you boldly demonstrate the slimness of your legs, then by all means create new images with the help of bicycles. You can choose an oversized T-shirt or a T-shirt and a shirt for them. A good idea from stylists is to combine classics and sports in one look. For example, long straight shorts and a sports top In this case, the shoes can be almost any - sandals, sneakers, malls or sneakers.

If you are spending the summer in the city, you should skip the mini length. Leave it to rest. In line with fashion trends, you can pick up a denim total bow. That is, choose stylish high shorts and a denim shirt.