Get Detailed Overview About The Graduate Visa 485 Checklists And Requirements

Get Detailed Overview About The Graduate Visa 485 Checklists And Requirements

Did you just complete your studies In Australia? Now you’re planning to live and work there with a dream to study further? If so, you must apply for the temporary graduate visa subclass 485to fulfill your dreams. Indeed, the application is a broad procedure and you have to submit a number of documents to prove your eligibility. But, don’t get confused. Here are some important details about visa subclass 485 that you may find helpful.

What does the 485 graduate visa allow you to do?

Before going into technical details, you should know first, what this graduate visa485 allows you to do. The visa is temporary as mentioned, so you can live, work and study for a certain period of time after completion of your studies in Australia.

What are the two streams of this visa?

There are two streams of this visa. One is, graduate workstream and another is the post-study workstream.

  1. Graduate work stream: If you have completed 2 academic years in Australia and want to study further, this stream is perfect for you. The validity of this visa is 18 months from the date of the grant. You can have full-time study and full-time work rights with this visa. It will also allow traveling to and from Australia freely. And you know what, if you want to stay in Australia permanently, then also this visa can be helpful, either by general skilled migration or by employer sponsorship.
  2. Post-study work stream: This stream of temporary graduate visa 485requires you to complete either bachelor or master or doctoral degree, which will take at least 2 years of study. The validity of this visa is 2 to 4 years from the date of the grant, depending on your latest degree qualification. For this stream, area of specialization is not required at all, which gives a student enough freedom to study according to his own choice. Just like graduate work stream, this stream will also grant you full study and full work rights as well as travelling to and from Australia without any restrictions. You can also opt for permanent residency through this visa too, in the same way as graduate work visa.

What are the requirements needed for the two streams?

There are some common as well as stream-specific requirements you will need to apply for these two different streams. All the requirements, including both general and stream-specific are listed here.

  1. Australian study requirements: You must have been awarded a degree, diploma or trade qualification within the last 6 months prior to the application. You course must have been a CRICOS-registered course which you should have studied in English and completed in 2 academic years which equivalent to 92 weeks. And you must have studied in Australia with a study visa.
  2. Skills assessment: This requirement is needed only when you will apply for the graduate work stream of 485 graduate visa. The skills that will be assessed by the authority will depend upon what occupation will you choose. Remember, you have to lodge this skills assessment before your application, but it’s not mandatory to be completed at the time of lodging application.
  3. First student visa requirements: This is for post-study work stream. You should have held a student visa which you have applied for on or after 5 November 2011. If you had applied a visa before this date, you will not be granted 485 visa subclass. In case, you had applied before this date but did not get approved, you will then be eligible.
  4. English language requirements: To apply for 485 visa Australia, you need to show your English language proficiency. If you come from an English-speaking country like UK, USA or Canada, you need to show your passport. If you don’t, you have to submit result of an internationally recognized English language test like IELTS, TOEFL iBT, OET, PTE Academic and Cambridge.
  5. Health insurance requirements: You must have specific health insurance to your name. Overseas Students Health Cover or OSHC is what you will get while studying on a student visa but for the approval of 485 graduate visa, you must hold a Working Visa Cover.
  6. Health and police check: You have to go through medical tests for the application. Moreover, Australian Federal Police or AFP will conduct necessary checking. You should apply for the police checking before the lodgement of your application.
  7. Time limit: The time limit for the application for temporary graduate visa 485is 6 months from the completion of your study. You should also have a student visa or should have held a student visa in the last 6 months. You have to apply to the visa before your student visa gets expired.
  8. Bridging visa: You will receive a bridging A visa which will allow to remain in Australia while the processing of 485 graduate visais on. You should not leave Australia which may lead to the termination of your bridging A visa. To travel, you should apply for bridging B visa.

What are the other requirements you will need to apply?

Apart from the above requirements, you will need other requirements as well.

  1. Identity requirements: This is the first and foremost requirement for any application. You have to submit your bio data page of your passport and copies of Xerox certificates showing the names of both of your parents. Apart from that, you will also need to submit passport sized photographs.
  2. Family relationship requirements: If you have a family, you need to show documents for that also. You have to show marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if applicable) or if there is any statutory declaration separation document. If you live in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months, then you have to show independent evidence for that which may include joint back account details, billing accounts in joint names or joint ownership of major assets.

Ending note

It will be a wise decision to continue study and work in Australia. For visa details, you can contact with Immigration Agent Adelaidewho can help you like a registered migration agent Adelaide and walk you through the visa processing swiftly.