Google planning to soon launch AR Stickers in Messages App

If you were missing AR filters on Android messages, here’s good news for you. According to a report, Google is planning to turn the Android Messages app into an Instagram and Snapchat rival. As revealed by XDA Developers, the tech giant Google is testing augmented reality (AR) effects within its Android messaging app. While the feature has not been rolled out yet, it is expected that Google might soon announce bringing AR effects to Android.

Apparently, Google is testing five filters at the moment, which includes the one that shows your face through the window of a cartoon airplane before it flies away, the balloon effect puts flying balloons in front of and behind you, filter with fireworks display right in your living room, a confetti effect and an angel filter that gives you a halo and a pair of wings.


These filters will be available within the camera viewfinder and will work in a way as Snapchat. The AR effects, located in a dedicated tab, can be applied only to pictures that are taken with the camera from within the Android Messages app. However, the same effects will not be available in the phone’s regular camera app.

Overall, it would be a better update to Android Messages. While Google has been trying to position an iMessage competitor for Android users, new features like these AR effects could make Android Messages a more appealing alternative to the users than other texting apps.

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