History and Traditions behind Valentines Day

The History & Traditions behind Valentines Day are not known to many people, Valentines Day has now turned into a commercialized holiday, Full of Glamour.

History and Traditions behind Valentines Day

Valentine's Day, as its name suggests, is celebrated in honor of the Saint of the same name. However, this day is special for another reason; because it is the same in which lovers celebrate their love. The web is buzzing with a mixture of dread, excitement, and indifference Together with February creeping upon us. Valentine's Day has turned into a rather commercialized holiday, full of Hallmark cards (prevent those this season with those cooler variations ), drug-store chocolates (opt for something greater using those wonderful recipes), along with your annual aroma of roses (fine, no complaints with this one), all aptly delivered by the significant other (or friend, parent, or sibling to get any single women out there), at the name of love.

However, you may not know its origin and some more information about this curious celebration dedicated to love. Join us and discover them!

Origin of Valentine Day

Like the vast majority of pagan celebrations, the origin of Valentine's Day is found in ancient Rome. Thus, we can speak of the three holy martyrs to whom this day is thought to be dedicated:

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  1. The Roman Emperor Claudius II: This emperor had to cancel all the marriages of his empire to prevent his soldiers from being tempted to stay with their women instead of going to war. He could not allow the soldiers to stop going to the front, so he prohibited commitments and weddings: during this unfair situation, there was a priest named Valentin who clandestinely married young couples. His end was not as benevolent as his actions, as he was discovered and imprisoned until his death.

  2. The Bishop of Terni: According to some historians, the martyr Saint Valentine who was beheaded in Rome in the year 269 was mistaken for another famous Valentine.

  3. Valentine Rhaetian: This holiday is celebrated above all in Germany, where this other Valentine lived back in the 5th century. In his representations, he usually appears with a child lying at his feet. Who really was the Valentine who brought this holiday is a mystery, although most researchers opted for the priest who opposed the prohibition of Emperor Claudius.

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Saint Valentine Theory

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There are numerous unique myths attributed to the genesis of all Valentine's day. There's no denying the fact that this festival, as with most, started as a one. At least three different Saint Valentines, all of whom were martyred have been canonized by Even the Catholic Church and died for love.

The hottest Saint Valentine, and also the one often attributed with fathering Valentine's Day, was a warrior throughout the next century, operating under Emperor Claudius. Emperor Claudius thought that single men made better soldiers and with families, and passed a law making union prohibited for many guys. Valentine continued to marry young couples in secret and recognized the terror of the law. The Vatican canonized valentine and February 14th was appointed honor and the day designated by the church to honor a saint's life.

Linking Romantic Love with Valentine

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In Ancient Rome, it was customary to celebrate the feast of Lupercalia in honor of the god of the shepherds and their flocks. Also, it marked the end of winter and was celebrated around February 15. However, this celebration was not considered appropriate by the church that decided to replace it making Valentine's Day Valentine's Day. Although this holiday as it is known today has its origin in the United Kingdom, sometime in the 14th century.

It was a time when competitions were held to keep the best maidens. These competitions were known as Valantinage, where they could choose a new friend even if they had a previous commitment. We say friend because, in reality, it started as a friendship party but ended up becoming a celebration of love.

Valentine's Day & Greeting Cards

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It was during the 18th century that the custom of sending valentines or love postcards became fashionable in Great Britain and North America. And it was there that Valentine's Day became known as Valentine's Day. Thanks to instant messaging, this custom spread throughout Europe at the end of World War II. This is how, little by little, this tradition spread throughout the rest of Europe, mainly through Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. It will be as early as the 19th century when the first postcards began to be commercialized where it was common for hearts or Cupid to appear as the protagonist, the god of love in Roman mythology.

The Modern Approach

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However, other men and women feel that February 14th's designation for a day of romance comes from something much less bloody than a martyred saint. February 14th is the start of the birds' breeding season, which represents fertility, love, and the promise of spring. The afternoon started to increase across the 17th century, in which it wasn't unusual for friends to exchange notes and gifts of affection in popularity. The Valentine's Day card has been thought to be marketed in 1840 from Esther Howland, also referred to as Valentine's Mother, and now it's estimated that more than 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are sent every year.

When is Valentine's Day Celebrated?

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Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on the same date, February 14 and this year it will fall on Friday. However, not everywhere is celebrated the same day, in Egypt, for example, the feast of Valentine or Valentine's Day takes place on November 4.

Although many couples consider this day as any other, for many others it is a very special day and they celebrate it in style. In any case, we all like to be shown love, although it should be something that is done every day. But since we cannot receive gifts one day and another one, why not take advantage of Valentine's Day to have a little detail with our partner?

So if you are celebrating this V-day along with your bae, your BFF, or your sofa and Netflix, enjoy the fact that this vacation is really historically rooted in something worth observing: appreciate.

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