How does Voice Chat feature work on Clubhouse?

How does Voice Chat feature work on Clubhouse?

We are all aware of the Clubhouse app, and its amazing features.  Though it has many features, Voice Chat is indisputably a very attractive feature. Not only for Clubhouse but for any other social channel, the Voice feature is something they cannot do without. In fact, even new social channels such as Vero, Helo,  and Connectd India have realized the importance of voice, and as expected they have either incorporated the feature or thinking seriously to have one.

Therefore, voice is the next feature to look out for. Now you know why Clubhouse is having a moment of cultural relevance and is capturing our attention in a big way. Let’s take a close look at the Voice Chat features of Clubhouse and also the future of voice app technology.

Importance of Clubhouse voice feature

The clubhouse is essentially an audio-driven app social media channel. It was hugely successful, and that is not surprising. And why users love it? It’s very similar to what Apple iPhone and the Android did for the present generation, voice devices have the same capacity to do that but at a much higher level over the next decade.

It’s very likely that from now on,the Alexa skill will be an integral part of the technology. Once everybody feels, “Well! I want that”, the companies have no choice but to comply. This is why the iPhone, Instagram, Spotify, or iTunes became so popular. The same thing happened with MySpace for the social networks and Tinder for dating.


Let’s understand the psychology of users not only on Clubhouse but all those who use voice devices and voice apps in general. User psychology plays an important role especially when you are planning to create content or position your business as a brand. Think of cellphone, and the technology behind them, and how important they have become in our lives. Now, what is next?

There are things such as health, education, security for the family, and time that affects all of us. The busier we become, the lesser time we have. So, while you are watching a video, you know it’s taking a lot of your time.  And compared to it, audio, meanwhile, is incredibly passive. Actually, in a way we are all consuming passively.

In the morning while waking up, when you are listening to something, and getting ready, is a good example of passive consumption. You cannot look at your phone when you are in the shower. This is where Voice app technology steps in by allowing you to save time and passively consume. For example, when you are having your breakfast in the morning, you realize that you need socks, so what do you do? You say, “Hey Google! Hey Alexa! Hey Facebook”, or whatever medium you may use, “I want to purchase socks.” The search engine of future is voice.

Actually, in the end, it all comes to saving time. Why Uber did so well? Because it saved you time. Similarly, why Amazon Prime won? Again because it saves you time. So, anything that saves our time, we love that. We don’t want to wait. We want everything now, quick, and fast.  Why slow internet is such a dampener? Because we have become used to speed and there is no doubt, voice is speed. You may have your phone sitting next to you, but you still address Alexa, or Google, or Apple through voice. You start talking – What’s my schedule today? Moreover, you do that because it’s easier and faster than turning on your phone. We don’t like friction, and obstacles. Voice is the future of a frictionless world, and it will explode.