If 5 out of these 7 qualities match, your brother is your best friend!

If 5 out of these 7 qualities match, your brother is your best friend!

From arguments on silly things like what TV program should be played to limitless care and affection when you fall sick, your brother has always been there with you, isn’t it? Do you remember the first time you went to school and he came to see you off? Does it still make you smile when you remember the biggest fight with your brother that was solved by your parents? Do you still carry that first gift he had given from his pocket money on your birthday? You must be missing all these moments when someone talks about their childhood, right? 

Isn’t it a fact that our childhood couldn’t have been so much fun-filled and memorable if we didn’t have a brother in your life? Doesn’t matter if he is younger than you or your elder one, we can’t deny the fact that a brother makes our life so much more beautiful. Lucky are those who have brothers to share beautiful moments with. Their support, love, care, and affection help us in every sphere of life.  They make us feel protected and loved. 

Before your school or college days, the only companion you shared your belongings was your Bhai. And that is how a brother is the first friend and guide in our life. But have you ever tried to know if he is your best friend as well? Here are the checkpoints that will let you know if you share the best friendship with your brother or not: 

  • You share everything with him

If you feel that something is irritating you from inside, or something is getting heavy in your mind, then you would like to share it with someone. Sharing every bit of your personal and professional life with your brother makes you stress-free. It can be a fight with your colleague at the office or an embarrassing incident that happened with you at college, you would not feel better until you share it with your brother. 

  • You never judge each other

Best friends never get judgemental with each other. The only thing they do is guiding each other in every turn of life. They let you pick the right decisions in life. So, if your brother is your best friend then you have no worries about being judged. You both can share anything and everything, take guidance, and reveal each other’s secrets because you don’t judge each other. 

  • You fight but never hesitate to say sorry

Misunderstandings, clashes of interests, and silly arguments are common in every relationship. Even if you fight with your brother or he makes you angry, you can’t stay without speaking to him for a long time. Saying sorry is always your way out to get back with him. You both never hesitate to apologize for a misunderstanding no matter who starts the fight first. 

  • You can’t plan an outing without him

Going out without informing your brother is something that never happens. Whenever you plan an outing or a movie, you can’t do it without your brother. He is always there in every plan you make. 

  • You need his suggestions in every big and small matter

Be it online shopping during the sale, or when you are going to join a job, or even when it’s time to go on a date, you can never take your own decision without a remark and approval from your brother. He is always there to guide you for the best thing. 

  • You love to surprise him

On every special occasion like birthday, Rakhi, New Year, or Friendship day, you love to surprise your brother. You love to shop for him and make sure that your gift is the best of all he gets. 

  • You can’t see him hurt

You can’t see your brother in tears or despair for any reason. You may tease him with funny names but you can’t bear it when someone else does the same. Even if your parents are unhappy with him, you will never leave his side when he has to justify himself. You always support him no matter what! And that makes you his best friend too.