Important Tips to Keep in Mind Before Going on a Silk Road Trip

Important Tips to Keep in Mind Before Going on a Silk Road Trip

Important Tips to Keep in Mind Before Going on a Silk Road Trip . If you want to take a trip to Silk Road, we recommend that you schedule your trip at any time between May and October. In summer, temperatures are very high and winters are severe. However, the beauty of the place is very good in May. Therefore, you can enjoy the scenery and not be exposed to extreme temperatures.


Although May is not too hot for your trip, be aware that the weather on the road is very different. Some areas are cold and some are dry. In January, it could face a 20-degree removal. Therefore, given below are the things you need to pack before you leave:


  • Take both thin and thick clothing
  • Buy comfortable shoes
  • Find personal items like dental hygiene and dental floss
  • Use suntan oil and sun block to combat sunburn
  • Carry a first aid kit
  • But carrying a heavy load is not a good idea because it can cause you problems in your journey.


 With Silk Road spread all over China, you can find a variety of accommodations, such as simple guesthouses and luxury hotels. Depending on your budget, you can choose a suitable place to stay.



 You can check out typical Chinese food during your visit to various restaurants. Small restaurants and night markets are great places if you want to enjoy your favorite snacks. However, be sure to check your hygiene before entering the restaurant.

 It is important to remember that you can meet different nations during your journey. They will have

 In the northwestern part of China, most people have tea or snacks. Similarly, people have fruit juice, beer, and cola. However, you are free to try local beverages, such as milk, frozen yogurt, and kumiss.


Visit the Temples

 If you travel along Silk Road, you may encounter many temples. You need to keep a few things in mind to make sure you enjoy a pleasant visit to some popular temples.

 If you want to talk to a monk, you can use the words “fashi” or “shi”. Similar titles are applied to Taoists. In a similar way, chanshi “fangzhang” and “zhanglao” are used by the Governing Body Monk.


You must have good manners when you meet nuns. For example, you should lower your head and clap your hands when you see a monk. It is considered an insult to touch, kiss or shake hands.

 Depending on the topics discussed, you can’t talk about meat, marriage, and murder. In the same way, religion and politics are not good topics either.

 When visiting the temple, do not try to touch anything religious. During a religious ceremony, you should be silent.

 Lastly, make sure the temple you are going to visit allows for both sexes.