Must Have Travel Item Essentials

Must Have Travel Item Essentials

If you plan on traveling, then it is of the utmost importance to make your preparations before venturing off. With technology and the availability of free information, however, it is becoming much easier to know what to expect on the road. Here is our list of essential items that you should always bring with you when you are traveling.


A Passport Holder


Your passport is the most important document that you must safeguard. Some people can be very careless with something so important. It should not be in your pocket nor should it be inside your backpack pocket, hence, a passport holder.


A passport holder is not only discreet, but it will keep your important documents safe and secure wherever you go. There are different designs with different functionalities, so you can choose whichever suits you best.


Offline Map


Depending on which country you will be visiting, the most popular map application might vary. While in most Western countries Google Maps or is used more often, in some other countries such as Kazakhstan or Russia 2Gis or Yandex Maps will be used.


Before you head off make sure to do your research and download the appropriate map application and save the cities or places you will be visiting. There are going to be instances where you won’t be able to get help from someone nor get access to Wifi, so in such cases, it’s always best to be prepared.


A Sturdy Backpack


A good backpack can make the difference between a pleasant travel experience vs the opposite. Be sure to get a backpack with thick shoulder strap padding. Since you will be wearing a backpack for long periods of time more often, it will help you from getting burns and sores.


Other features that you could also look for is anti-theft technology such as hidden zippers, box-cutter knife-proof material, etc.


Comfortable Slippers


Most likely you are going to be taking a few trains, buses, and plane rides. In such cases wearing your shoes for extended periods of time can be very uncomfortable, which is why portable slippers that are comfortable to wear are a must!


Especially in overnight buses or trains, taking your shoes off and putting them back on over and over again can be quite annoying. Slippers are much more comfortable for such occasions and your feet will thank you for them.

A Travel Blanket


You might think that a pair of warm sweaters is enough, but you’d be mistaken. A travel blanket is not only comfortable but it can come in handy on so many occasions. Especially if you are going camping or somewhere outdoors.


Travel blankets in fact are specifically designed to be as thin and waterproof as possible while being able to retain plenty of heat.


A Flashlight


Especially if you are going camping and enjoying the outdoors, then you will need a handy Hybeam flashlight to not only see where you are going in the dark but to stay safe.


Some EDC flashlights come with extra tools such as screwdrivers, glass breakers, a small knife, etc, depending on the brand. It’s also a non-lethal self-defense tool that can be used to blind any attackers.