Naturopathy: A Perfect way of Holistic Living

Treatment without any medicine whether Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homeopathic Unani or Siddha is called Naturopathy. Naturopathy treatments are done basically with the help of five elements namely Earth Element, Water Element, Fire Element, Air Element, and the Ether Element. These five elements are known as Panch Mahabhootas in Hindi. Naturopathy treatments are very effective in all chronic ailments. Other than human beings all the creatures in the universe follow this natural process for all their problems. The animals which are in closed contact with human beings are only administered other forms of therapies. All-natural treatments are priceless and harmless. These treatments are little time consuming but very effective. There is no disease that can not be treated with naturopathy.

Various processes of this treatment are given below in brief for the purpose of social benefit and basic knowledge about naturopathy.

Ether Element

Naturopathy a Perfect way of Holistic Living

This Element is known as Akash Tatva in Hindi. The root cause of all the diseases is the accumulation of morbid matters inside the body which over a period of time starts rotting and many bacteria make their colony inside this rotting matter. The body tries to eliminate this waste product from the body but fails. Finally, this turns into a disease. Fasting is the main process in this element as we do not know which food item is being accumulated inside the body which is not being excreted by the body. So, first of all, intake is stopped to give rest to the body system. This phenomenon is quite common in all animals. Fasting should not be misunderstood with remaining hungry. There are many kinds of fasting that are in accordance with the diseases and administered with the help of a naturopath.

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Air Element

Naturopathy a Perfect way of Holistic Living

This is the element that is known as the life force. There are five types of life force which are known as the Panch Prana. These are Praan Vaayu or the Force of Crystallization. Apaan Vaayu or the Force of De- Crystallization. Samaan Vaayu or the Force of assimilation. Vyaan Vaayu or the force of Sensation and Udaan Vaayu or the Force of De-composition. Human beings are the warm-blooded animals for this purpose 24X7 heart keeps pumping the blood to all the body parts to maintain the body temperature constantly at 37degree Celsius and also to transport the assimilated foodstuff to all the working muscles. Blood is the only medium to transport air element inside the body cells. Deeper the breath, better the life. Proper breathing practice and various Pranayaamas are the main treatment under this treatment. Through which Detoxification takes place.

Fire Element

Steam bath Chamber

This element is known as the Agni Tattva in Hindi. Sun is the Nucleus for all living beings in our solar system. In Shvetashar  Upanishada it is proved that all the creatures are nothing but light or Agni in condensed form. In the human body, even Pancreas is termed as Agnaashya or the place of fire. As said in the previous para that human beings are the warm-blooded animals who need a constant temperature of 37degree Celsius. Treatments under this element are done by charging the water, food items and other things in the sun rays and later consuming them. Hot fomentation, Steam Bath, Sun Bath, Massage, Contrast Bath, etc. are the methods of treatment that are taken under the supervision of a naturopath.

Water Element

Jal Neti

In Hindi, It is said that Jal hi Jeevan hai means water is life. The human body contains almost 70 per cent of water. Disbalance of water inside the body is responsible for many diseases. Many diseases spread because of contaminated/ impure water. Some diseases spread due to less water intake. All urinary tract diseases can be cured through more and more pure water consumption. Paramhans Yogananda explained in detail water therapy which was later verified by the Japan Medical Association and proved to cure many chronic diseases. Various types of Hip Baths, Jet Massage, Jacuzzi Bath, Sprinkle Bath, Contrast Bath, Hot and Cold Fomentation, etc. are some types of water treatment. Jal Neti, Jal Dhouti, Vasti kriya, Shankh Prakshalan are the essential parts of Yoga Therapy that are done by using water only.

Earth Element

Mud Therapy

In Hindi, this Tattva is known as Prithvi Tattva. This element is the base of water and all the eatables. Whatever exists in the earth exists in the human body. For example, the earth contains Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, etc. and all these minerals are also present in the human body. All the Vitamins and Minerals in proper proportion is the need for diseases free healthy body. Treatments under this element are done by various types of Mud Packs, eating many food items grown in the earth to supply essentials to the body.

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