Online Verification System for Securing Dating Platform

Age verification along with identity verification is the need of an hour for online dating platforms for ensuring minor protection and securing these platforms.

Online Verification System for Securing Dating Platform

The digital means of operating has paved the way for day-to-day tasks to be done via the use of internet devices and applications. Online dating is another trend that technology has made it easier for people to find new people. Dating platforms allow people to be able to communicate with different people and find themselves, suitable life partners. A survey states that about 15% of adults in America are using online dating platforms. However, like all other technological advancements that are being targeted by fraudsters, the dating platforms are not free from it either. Age verification along with identity verification is the need of an hour for online dating platforms for ensuring minor protection and securing these platforms for identity theft, payment frauds, account take over, etc. This blog will explain the scams in dating platforms and the requirement of the online verification system 

Types of Scams on Dating Platforms

Cybercrime has evolved over time and has now come to target online dating sites. With Valentine's day around the corner, it is necessary to warn people about the types of scams they can encounter and to make online dating platforms aware of how they can tackle fraud and scams. 

Age-Check Breach

Most of these dating platforms do not have a proper age verification solution. They just ask the age of the people through their email ID and check the age through a tick in the box method which is more of a formality than authentication. Minors are more than curious to explore such platforms and these weak age checks are not good enough age verification procedures. Once they are able to access the dating platform, children can get in touch with the wrong sort of people which can be harmful to them. The dating platforms can also face penalties and permanent closure if found catering to the minors without carrying out age verification. 


Dating platforms have long been plagued by the scams like catfishing. Catfishing is a fake identity or stolen identity to deceive people. A psychological study has revealed that more than half the people on their dating site have lied about their profiles to communicate with people under false pretense. With stolen identity, criminals can manipulate people into meeting them through dating platforms and can steal from them or harm them some way or another. 

Money Mules

Money mules are people who play a part in money laundering with the criminal. They are used to transfer illegal cash to integrate it into the legal financial system. Sometimes, criminals use innocent people as their money mules to cleanse their illicit funds. Dating platforms are one of the biggest targets for money mules. People manipulate the victims by sweet and caring to gain their trust. Once they have their trust, they ask them to transfer money for them. Unknowingly, such people become involved in criminal activities and can be charged for money laundering.   

Malware Scams 

These scams involve data breaches to gain the personal information of the victim. These can be done by malware or hacking the system of the victim. Sometimes, the fraudsters on dating sites become acquainted with the victims. Once that is done then they send them an email that directs them to a malware site that takes hold of their device and their personal information is breached. 

How to Eliminate these Scams

These types of scams have proven to be a hassle for dating platforms. Minors, not much aware of such scams can be easily fooled by the fraudsters into giving out their personal information or become a money mule victim and transfer money through their parents’ credit cards. It is essential for such platforms to have strict age verification and identity verification solutions. By verifying the identity of an individual, their age is also verified. An All-powered online solution of age verification has made the process much easier and faster for such platforms. The end-user has to send a picture of their identity document along with a picture of their birth certificate. Through age checks against these documents and the authentication of such documents, the identity of the individual is also verified. These platforms can become a lot more secure through online verification systems.