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Parle G Biscuit is one of the Most Loved Biscuits in India. More than 1 Billion packets are produced every month. There are some interesting facts about the history of Parle G that are not known to many people. Did you know that Parle G girl in NOT Neeru Deshpande (fact check), in fact, she is not even a real person. Parle G Girl was an illustration made by Everest Creatives in 1960. The History of Parle G dates back to 1939 when Parle started manufacturing Gluco Biscuits in India. After Indian Independence in 1947, they launched an Ad Campaign showcasing Parle g as an alternative to British Brands. Parle G Biscuit was previously known as Parle Gluco Biscuit until the 1980s when the Company rebranded them. Let’s start exploring some interesting facts about the history of Parle G.

  1. If a month’s production of Parle-G biscuits is stacked side-by-side, the distance between Earth to Moon of 7.25 lakh kilometres can be covered. 1 billion packets of Parle-G are produced monthly.

    Parle G Biscuit Facts
  2. Parle Products was established as a company in Vile Parle in 1929. First, they used to sell orange candies and other confectioneries.

    Parle G Facts
  3. It was only in 1939 that Parle started making biscuits and expanded the product category. It was then called Parle’s Gluco biscuits.

    Parle Gluco Biscuits
  4. The company kept prices unchanged for over a decade – between 1996 and 2006. Even though the prices of raw materials such as wheat, sugar, and milk escalated up to 150 per cent.
  5. In 2013, Parle-G became India’s first domestic FMCG brand to cross ₹ 5,000 crores in retail sales.

    parle g in mall
  6. Earlier the wrapping of Parle-G was made of wax paper. Later, they changed it to plastic paper, and a special TVC was made, which showed the packet of biscuits in a fish tank.

    parle g tvc
  7. The little girl on Parle G wrapper is not real!. You must have read the stories that Parle-G girl is actually Neeru Deshpande, and she’s 60 now, but that’s not true! Illustration of this girl was made way back in 1960 by Everest Creatives.

  8. Parle has 4 factories all over India, and they are the largest biscuit manufacturing units in India.
  9. 4551 people around the world are eating Parle-G at this moment. Yes, that’s the number of people who eat Parle-G every second across the globe.

  10. First-ever TVC for Parle-G was made in 1982. How many of you remember this ad?
  11. When Indian Railways allowed, Parle was among the first advertisers to paint Mumbai local trains compartments with Parle Gluco ads.
  12. Parle-G biscuits are sold in more than 50 lakh (5 million) retail stores. Parle-G sells more than all the biscuit brands in China, which is the fourth largest biscuit market in the world. 

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