Post Covid Boom in VoIP Fuels Class 5 Softswitch Software Development and Use

Post Covid Boom in VoIP Fuels Class 5 Softswitch Software Development and Use

If one thing has remained constant and grown during the Covid-19 upheaval, it is communications with an emphasis on VoIP services. The Verge website reported growth of Zoom, the video call app to a stupendous 300 million user base as social distance and lockdown led to exploration of alternate channels of communication. The outlook is positive for VoIP with hosted IP PBX expected to grow at the rate of 15%. Worldwide, the VoIP market is going to be worth $ 102480 million by 2026. For existing VoIP service providers the going is good and for new entrants, it is fast track to profits. Regardless, more retail traffic post Covid 19 points to the need for better class 5 softswitch to handle all touch points.


Class 5 softswitch no longer the poor cousin

Telecom service providers and bulk VoIP services rely on class 4 softswitch to handle bulk traffic which is where the money is. Class 5 softswitch, which handles retail end of the traffic, played second fiddle and is considered a poor cousin, something to have around but not worthy of much attention.


Covid changed the perspective.

Home users go in for VoIP communication in a big way: it is cheap and permits audio and video calls across geographic borders. Businesses employing more remotely working personnel find VoIP PBX and WebRTC based solutions the best collaboration and communication tools. Even healthcare and governments dipped into the VoIP pool.  All this is on the retail level user side.

Telecom operators face huge competition from wireless operators, specialist VoIP carriers and cable based services in the retail segment. It must be said that they may have neglected upgrading their class 5 softswitch, often sticking with limited feature and capability hardware based class 5 switch. It is time to change, both for VoIP service providers who now look at burgeoning traffic and telecom operators who must rise to expectations. Class 5 softswitch software is the way to go for better quality services at lower cost and it is no longer the poor cousin.

New generation class 5 softswitch

Smart softswitch developers saw it coming and perceived that the lines demarcating session border controllers, media gateway controllers, class 5 softswitch and class 4 softswitch would no longer be clearly defined and walled off. Instead, future thinking softswitch developers have introduce what can be termed as blended solutions.

Being future ready for 5G: 5G permits high speed with low latency. When it does become mainstream one can expect more usage of 5G at the retail level, by individuals and by businesses with decentralized operations. You need class 5 softswitch that will not only handle high number of concurrent calls but one that can also handle high amounts of data. It is not just about audio calls anymore.

More media types: At the retail level we now have more types of media using a variety of codecs and protocols. A media gateway controller and SBC should take care of those but lines blur. By incorporating features of session border controller into the softswitch what you have is better capability to handle diverse media codecs and protocols, putting legacy softswitches into the shade besides providing better security. 


Better security: There is nothing like a standalone session border controller for top-notch VoIP security but it also helps to borrow SBC features and transplant it into a better mutation of the softswitch with performance improvements across the board.


More outlet channels and subscription options: It is VoIP boom time and you can have class 5 softswitch software to power retail business, extending to all possible avenues to cover PIN and PINless calling cards, prepaid and postpaid users and piggyback services such as IVR, IP PBX and SMS onto the VoIP service package, all handled effortlessly by the softswitch. Reach out to individual customers and grow your chain of retailers and resellers. The softswitch opens up more options than bulk traffic can hope to do. Recent versions of class 5 softswitch let you decide intelligently the least cost route, assign custom rates and manage everything from a single dashboard.


Controls, analytics, intelligence: It is not easy to manage hundreds of thousands of individual accounts and stay accurate. The current crop of softswitches incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you keep granular control and derive analyzed intelligence on the fly so that you can make agile decisions about permissions and rates to stay competitive and yet derive more profits.


VoIP service providers and telecom operators can take advantage of this new thriving retail demand with the right class 5 softswitch. Development from ground up? Forget it. It is not short and switch. Instead, proven class 5 softswitch white label solutions are the way to go. The z generation of class 5 softswitch software is smarter, capable and delivers.