PUBG Mobile Lite launched in INDIA

India is a big market for PUBG and that has been evident from all the activities the PUBG team does. From mega e-sports events to special India-themed seasons, the game in its own way tries to keep Indian players happy. Recently, we got see the PUBG Lite for PC in India under the beta program for selected players and now, we have PUBG MOBILE LITE in India.


In simple words, it is a lighter version of the full-blown PUBG MOBILE that we have been used to for a long time. The main version on mobile utilizes resources extensively to offer console-quality gameplay experience but it struggles to run on low-end smartphones. In a country where smartphone manufacturers thrive on budget smartphone sales, it was only wise to bring a version of PUBG optimised for these low-end smartphones and tablets to reach a wider audience.

PUBG MOBILE LITE has been in beta in other South-East Asian countries and it has been finally introduced in India. There are a couple of things quite exciting about PUBG MOBILE LITE:

Installation details:

  • It can run on phones with a minimum of 2GB RAM.
  • The download size is only a mere 400MB, which can be easily downloaded even on 1GB per day data packs.

However, there are a couple of optimisations the team has done keeping in mind the poor network conditions in rural areas as well as low-end devices. The developers say that the authentic PUBG experience is retained but in a more optimised way.

-- The game only hosts 10-minute Classic mode matches for now with up to 60 players. This is done in mind keeping the low-end resources on phones and weak network conditions.

-- The map quality is optimised along with parachute loading screen to offer a smooth experience on old or low-end phones.

-- The game also brings a few gameplay assists such as auxiliary aim assist, bullet trail adjustment with increased bullet speed, weapon recoil suppression and extended Time to Kill.

-- When a shooter shoots at you in close proximity, the game will highlight his/her location on the mini-map. Also, players will now be able to heal themselves while moving.

-- The Winner Pass replaces the Royale Pass and will have much faster achievement unlocks and span a month, with fantastic rewards on offer.

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