10 Unknown Facts about Sheila Dixit


  1. A post-graduate in History from Miranda House, Delhi University, Dikshit is also a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Delhi
  2. It was former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who acknowledged Dikshit's administrative skills and nominated her as a representative for the Indian delegation of the United Nations Commission
  3. She represented India at the United Nations for five years, from 1984-1989
  4. In 1984, she became a minister in Rajiv Gandhi's government
  5. She also served as a Union Minister during 1986-1989. She first served as the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and later as a Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office
  6. In the year 1990, she and her 82 colleagues were jailed for 23 days by the state government when she led a drive against the violence being committed on women
  7. As chairperson of the Young Women's Association, Dikshit also set up two hostels for working women in Delhi
  8. In the year 2009, a complaint was filed against her which said that she had misused Rs 3.5 crore received from the Central government to give out political advertisements
  9. In August 2013, an FIR was filed against her and others for allegedly misusing government funds for an advertising campaign ahead of the 2008 assembly elections. No charges were ever brought in
  10. In the Delhi Legislative Assembly election 2013, her party was wiped out after Arvind Kejriwal won the election by a margin of 25,864 votes
  11. She was appointed as the Governor of Kerala in March 2014, but was forced to resign five months later
  12. She has been honoured with several awards such as-- 'Best Chief Minister of India', by Journalist Association of India in 2008, 'Politician of the Year' by NDTV in 2009, and 'Delhi Women of the Decade Achievers Award 2013' by the ALL Ladies League for Outstanding Public Service in 2013.

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