Digital Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

There is one thing that all businesses in the world have in common, and I don’t care what sector they are: they are all created to make money

I don’t care if you have a greengrocer on the corner or a consulting firm; if you are a personal trainer or sell flying mats. All businesses want to invest dollars in the bank and make the account grow a little more every day.

As far as I know (and I have spent years dedicating myself to this business world), there is only one way to do it: by getting clients.

You see, today, it seems that I am passing sentences. THIS IS SO

But it is the truth! There is no other way. Any business needs to attract customers and convince them to buy your product or pay for your service.

Before, to achieve this, a radio spot was put on an advertisement in the newspaper. Or posters were pasted, pieces of paper were left in mailboxes.

Now there are many more effective methods: we have the internet.

Today I want to show you everything that digital marketing can bring to your small business.

I have purposely put “your small business” in the title of this video to emphasize that digital marketing is not just for the big guys.

There are still entrepreneurs who hear those two words together (marketing and digital) and think that it is not going with them. That this is only for multinationals or companies that are dedicated to “those technological things.”

And it is not like that. Any company can have a digital marketing strategy adapted to its needs and attract customers from the online world.

It is easier than you think. And also, cheaper than traditional methods, and more efficient. 

Because one of the most important differences with respect to traditional marketing is that in digital, you can accurately measure the results. 

Imagine this: you used to (and it is still done now) you paid for an ad in the newspaper trusting that people would see it while you sip your coffee.

But you had no way of knowing how many of the customers who entered your store did so because they saw your ad.

That is, traditional marketing does not measure with figures if the money you spend to advertise has been used for something.

On the other hand, with digital marketing, you can know how many people you reach and how many recipients end up becoming customers. 

And not by eye or roughly, but with total accuracy. Thus, you invest in the most profitable stocks and discard the ones that are not worth it. You save time and money.

And this allows you to have an understanding of your customers and your business as you have never imagined.

Digital marketing is also a powerful tool for you to adapt to a scenario that can change from one day to the next. 

We already knew it, but we have seen it very clearly: you have to adapt, and you have to do it very quickly. For that, in this training, I help you work the necessary mentality for success and give you specific techniques to achieve it. 

It is a free training, and you can sign up by clicking here above. If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, you are sure to take advantage of it. 

I want you to know the essential ingredients you need to implement a digital marketing strategy, at least so that you become familiar and see that it is nothing you cannot do. Come on. It’s within your reach. 

Let’s go step by step:

Define your ideal client

Whom are you going to sell to? What is your audience? You can’t go out the window with a megaphone and address the whole world. You have to define which part of the market you are targeting.

Your ideal client is the one who needs your product or service, who has the economic conditions to pay for it and who is in an excellent vital moment to acquire it.

I’ll give you an example: an 18-year-old boy with a brand new driver’s license may think he needs a Ferrari. Let’s even imagine that he has the money and wants to buy it. 

But it is not the target audience of a high-end car salesman. Ferrari is not going to design its campaigns thinking of this kid. Its market is another. 

Therefore, you have to know whom you are addressing. Be very clear that you cannot sell to everyone.

Once this is done, we go to the next step.

Look for your customers

It’s just like in real life. We do not all go to the same entertainment venues, nor do we shop in the same places. The grandparents go to one type of cafeteria, and the teenagers meet in another type of place. 

Well, in the digital world, it is similar. Once you have defined your ideal client, you have to go find him where he is. 

To do this, identify which social networks you use and focus on them. Publishing engaging and value-added content and interacting with your community is a way for them to get to know you and build trust.

Your goal is to generate quality traffic to your website. You can do it without spending a euro, attracting what is called “organic traffic” (which comes to your website naturally, by searching Google). 

Or you can pay for advertising on the platforms you have previously selected. 

The case to get visits from potential clients.

Create a sales funnel

The sales funnel (or sales funnel, which is another expression that you will hear out there but that refers to the same thing) is a way of representing the process that leads a potential customer towards the action you want. In this case, a sale. So,

You have already identified your target audience.

You have already taken it to your page. 

Now you have to convince him to buy from you. 

Very briefly, there are three steps to that:

First, create a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a valuable content that you give for free, only in exchange for an email or other contact information. This is a win-win: the other person takes information that interests them, and you have a direct way to communicate with that potential client. 

The second step is to create an email marketing strategy. By sending emails with various information, you create a bond with that person you want to buy from you.

And the third step is to create a good offer.

Be careful with that: a reasonable offer is not a 2 × 1, nor lower prices more than your competition. It is to offer value, the more, the better. That is what is going to differentiate you from others. If you have the solution to what your client is looking for, they will not mind paying for it. 

And suppose you do everything in the right way. In that case, that’s when digital marketing works its magic, and you start converting visits into customers.

Oh, and then you can work to build loyalty. Because, since that customer has bought you once, you want him to repeat, right? And that your business relationship is extended in time.

In it, I explain this system in more depth so that you can apply it in your company and see, with real metrics, how it works. 

If you want more content like this, I post a new post every week. I’m here like clockwork on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. Madrid time. 

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Small Businesses is

  1. The more qualified customers you attract, the better. 
  2. The more each of those customers spends, the better. 
  3. And if you get that excellent customer, the one who spends much money buys you many times, then better, better and better. 

Don’t you think it’s a good plan to grow your company with digital marketing? 

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