Test your skill in CFA Mock exam

Test your skill in CFA Mock exam

CFA - the three letters for “Chartered Financial Analyst” stand for an established financial title. The CFA is a further training qualification that is continuously adapted to the requirements of the industry.

CFA - demanding and international

So far, there are no statutory minimum requirements for the training and further education of capital market professionals. Therefore, the solution is to fall back on an existing standard, which is a seal of approval for the individual graduates - regardless of the employer. The “Chartered Financial Analyst” is such a title: demanding, international and recognized in the Anglo-Saxon region. The CFA is a part-time, broad-based business degree with a focus on financial market topics. Contents are analysis of securities, accounting and reporting, corporate finance and portfolio management as well as ethical aspects.

CFA - expertise and above all resilience

There are three tests on the way to the title. Those who have passed may bear the title “CFA” together with proof of a degree and four years of professional experience and write it directly after the name on business cards or market comments. 

CFA - Employer Assistance

Many candidates see the time requirement of 300 hours per exam as a major hurdle to the CFA.

The CFA, with its hundreds of thousands of members and annual test takers worldwide, does not really need to worry about its recognition. But success means that it is by no means always a career turbo. We are observing that the CFA is increasingly becoming an entry barrier in equity analysis and portfolio management.

Due to the dates of the three CFA exams, the qualification can be mastered in a year and a half as quickly as possible. In fact, there are candidates who succeed in this tough ride. Since most of the participants fail one or more exams, a total duration of three to four years is realistic. It is recommended to prepare eight months for each individual exam. In general, the preparation for each level should not be less than 300 hours, which adds up to around 1000 hours of learning. In the meantime, it is also advisable to use the learning material from commercial providers such as CFA mock test series. There, the original learning material, which extends over numerous books and scripts, is condensed into around 800 pages per level.

What is a mock exam for CFA exams?

A mock exam for CFA exams is a mock simulation of the real CFA exam that reproduces the question format and difficulty level based mainly on the questions of the actual CFA exam and measures the ability of the examinee.

The mock exams are not conducted by public institutions, but by official CFA test series providers. Since we analyze and utilize data such as the test results of examinees held by CFA test series provider, and create CFA mock exam that imitate CFA exams from the perspective of exam specialists, the content will differ depending on the CFA test series providers.

In the mock exam for CFA exams, the content of questions, the number of questions, and the question patterns based on the actual CFA exam questions are accurately reproduced. There is also a mock exam just like that on CFA test series.