The Essential Guide To Microsoft’s Power BI Certification

The Essential Guide To Microsoft’s Power BI Certification

Microsoft’s Power BI platform is a business intelligence platform enabling business users to leverage several tools for visualizing, sharing, analyzing, and aggregating data. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for Excel (expert) users. It is a self-service tool, and there is no need to be a data scientist to start with the Power BI platform. To master the inner working of Power BI, you must pursue the Power BI certification.

 Business intelligence professionals typically use the Power BI tool and data analysts who create reports and data models, later shared across the organization. This tool provides data warehouse features like data discovery and data preparation. Businesses requiring high reporting power and analytical power than Excel use the Power BI tool.


The Power BI Certification

 The Power BI platform consists of several applications, each having different features. These applications are as follows:

Power Query: It is a data connection application, enabling users to combine, enhance, and transform data from various sources

Power Pivot: Data analysts and business intelligence professionals create data models using the Power Pivot tool

Power View: This visualization tool is used for generating interactive maps, graphs, charts, and other necessary visuals

Power Map: It is another visualization tool for creating 3D visuals

Power Q&A: This question & answer tool enables users to ask questions related to the data in a simple language


Why Pursue Microsoft’s Power BI Certification?

 Today, young professionals are trying to carve their careers in sought-after technologies. One such in-demand technology for organizations and businesses is Power BI. Below are some reasons why the Power BI Microsoft Certification is essential:

  •  The Power BI tool can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Excel, as it has an integrated interface. Therefore, you can import all spreadsheets from Excel to Power BI, without hurting data integrity and data loss
  • Learning Power BI will undoubtedly boost your employability
  • Power BI has a user-friendly interface that anyone can use for sales, marketing, and several other related functions
  • You can use the Power BI tool in three setups - desktops, mobile phone, and services

 Power BI is one of the most basic and robust Microsoft courses for building your analytics domain career. To become a professional Power BI expert, you must clear the DA-100 exam. Individuals who finish the course are capable of grasping data analysis quickly and generating ground-breaking reports for businesses. Let’s look at the DA-100 Power BI course in-depth.


Exam DA-100 For Power BI

 Individuals wishing to earn the Power BI certificate have to appear for the DA-100 examination. After clearing this examination, individuals get Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Association certificate. Many people assume that the DA-100 examination is the replacement for the 70-778 examination. But, this assumption is wrong. Both these examinations test the Power BI knowledge of applicants.

 It is always recommended to appear for the DA-100 examination over 70-778 for earning a Power BI certificate. The reason is DA-100 will remain valid for a longer time. Another examination, 70-778, will retire this year on January 31. DA-100 examination is taken in beta and tests applicants for the below skills:


  • Preparing the data weighs 20-25% of the total marks
  • Modeling the data covers 25-30% of the total weightage
  • Visualizing the data, having the weightage of 20-25% of the total marks
  • Analyzing the data weighs 10-15% of the total marks
  • Deploying and maintaining deliverables, having 10-15% of the total weightage


How To Prepare And Pass The DA-100 Exam?

 Since there is no official study material available for preparing for the DA-100 examination, aspirants may be challenging to develop a study plan. Therefore, you must focus on reading about several companies that use Power BI. Find out all business issues that Power BI solves, look into the official Power BI resources, practice previous year question papers, and make an appropriate plan for studying.

 But you can always reach out to experts on LinkedIn or various forums that allow Power BI enthusiasts to interact with each other.



You can also take a Power BI training course to learn everything about Power BI and clear the examination. Koenig Solutions is one of the best online platforms for all Microsoft certifications. You can visit Koenig Solutions’s website for Power BI certification cost.