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This simple test will help identify adulterated cloves

It is important to use best quality ingredients in your kitchen. However, spices and condiments can often be adulterated with chemicals or infiltrated with impurities that may harm your health. This is why, it becomes essential to check for the same.

As such, here’s a simple test to check the quality of cloves, or laung, recommended by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

How to check whether cloves have been adulterated with exhausted ones?

Take a look.

What you need

2 – Glasses of water
Few cloves


*Take two glasses of water.
*Place cloves in both.

How can you detect?

*The unadulterated cloves will settle at the bottom of the glass.
*The adulterated ones will be float on the surface of water.

But why?

The adulterated cloves float on the surface of the water because the oil has been extracted by distillation.

Previously, FSSAI had also recommended a test to find out if turmeric or haldi is adulterated.

– Take two glasses of water and add a small quantity of turmeric to them.
– The unadulterated sample will turn light yellow, with the turmeric settling down at the bottom.
– On the other hand, the colour of the solution with adulterated turmeric will turn strong, bright yellow.

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