Top Hidden Functions of Huawei Mobiles You Must Know

Top Hidden Functions of Huawei Mobiles You Must Know

With time the use of the mobile phone is increasing day by day. Now every person is using an android mobile phone for different reasons. We can communicate with our friends and relatives with the help of a mobile phone. Although, there are many brands of mobile phones available in the market these days Huawei is the best-selling mobile phone all over the world. Huawei mobile phones are used by more and more people. There is not much reason, just two words: easy to use! Huawei phones are reasonably priced and have more performance than other higher-priced phones, or even better.

 If you think it is a normal Android phone, then you are wrong. Huawei phones have surprises you can't imagine. They are reliable, durable, and cost-effective. Furthermore, there are a lot of hidden functions available in Huawei phones which you must know. If you are not using these functions; you are simply wasting Huawei phones. By using these functions, you can enjoy your phone efficiently. In this article, we will introduce you to some hidden functions of Huawei phones you must know.

Smart screenshot Option

Almost every modern mobile phone has screenshot options but Huawei is the best one in this regard. You no longer need to find a screenshot button to take a screenshot! In addition to the general screen capture by pressing the "volume" button and the "power" button, the screen capture method of Huawei mobile phones can also be manipulated through the joints of the fingers. P40 Huawei is one of the best Huawei mobiles with many good features including a smart screenshot option.

  • Screenshot: Tap the screen with a single knuckle
  • Screen recording: Tap the screen with two knuckles
  • Partial screenshot: Use knuckles to draw the area you want to take a screenshot
  • Long screen capture: draw an "S" on the screen with knuckles

You can use above all functions for screenshots or screen recording etc. This is the best option for professionals.

Best for people with low vision

As we all know that, Huawei mobiles have many good quality features but the TalkBack function is the best function of Huawei mobiles. To facilitate the blind and people with low vision, Huawei has a TalkBack function. When TalkBack is turned on, it will provide voice feedback for the blind and people with low vision so that they can use the device without looking at the screen while using the device. This feature provides great help to the blind and people with low vision. It is best for blinds, people with low vision, and for elders with weak eyesight. 

Small screen mode

With time mobile brands are introducing new functions and features regularly. These days the screen of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, but the fingers are not long enough. The small screen mode of Huawei mobile phones can be turned on, allowing you to control it with one hand. At the same time, you can also choose to adjust the screen to the left or right, just slide left or right in the virtual button area. By using this function you can control your mobile phone easily and efficiently. By using this function, you can enjoy using the mobile phone as well as you can do other tasks.