What Are The Benefits Of Certificate III In Individual Support Course?

What Are The Benefits Of Certificate III In Individual Support Course?

If you are interested in making a career in aged care and disability support, Australia should be your ultimate destination. The reason behind it is that the aged care sector is consistently increasing. An increase in the number of old persons in Australia had made this sector highly demanding. As per recent reports, the number of aged persons in Australia has reached an amount equivalent to 16.2% of the total Australian population in 2020. Entering the sector is also not so challenging. You can fulfil your dreams easily by completing a suitable certificate course from any reputed Australian institute. You should keep in mind that you should only choose this sector if you feel passionate about being with older people.

What is Certificate III in Individual Support Courses?

It is an introductory course to learn aged care as well as disability support. Here, we discuss all the areas that are covered under Certificate III in Individual Support

  1. Ageing: Do you really love being with older people? If yes, you should choose this area of specialization. You will usually help these aged people who no longer can manage regular lives on their own. Job facility can be available in any aging care centre, where you may work as a part of a team. A prominent benefit of teamwork is that there will be much less work pressure on a single individual. According to your convenience, you may choose to work in high care, in low care, or dementia support. 
  2. Disability: If a person becomes disable in any of the necessary body movements, mental breakdown and other difficulties are inevitable. You have to work in various aspects of that person’s life like independence, participation in community life, and decision making. Here, you have to remain extremely calm and composed because you have to face challenges. And it will be impossible for you to tackle those if you can’t keep your calm. You may work either in a person’s own home or any activity centre. 
  3. Home and community: If you’re not comfortable providing support to older people in any private facility centre, you may turn their houses into your workplace. Here, you will always need to travel to their homes, which may be more than one in a single day. Thus, this job may be pretty hectic relative to the others. To make the process easy, you may think of keeping an assistant or coordinator who will keep you updated.

 What are the benefits of Certificate 3 Individual Support?

 There are numerous benefits of this course, which are as follows:


  •       Job opportunities


We had already mentioned that this sector is constantly growing and according to a recent survey report, the number of job opportunities in aged care was more than 8000 in a month. It sounds exciting, no? So, let us now see what job opportunities you can find after completing your Cert III Individual Support.


  1. Aged care support worker: With age, people become dependent, even if they try hard not to. Another issue they usually face in old age is loneliness in this super-paced world. So, as an aged care support worker, you have to provide them with available home assistance and medical care and companionship and emotional and motivational support. They mostly become unable to fulfil even daily domestic tasks. So, you have to provide the necessary help so that they can perform those tasks correctly. These activities include taking showers and wearing dresses. If they want to go somewhere to attend some community gathering or something like that, you should arrange the transport. Different work settings will include private residences, hospitals, nursing homes, community care centres or aged care centres.
  2. Nursing assistant: If you are interested in working in clinical care instead of any home or community care setting, then the job of a nursing assistant is the best option for you. Nursing assistants indeed constitute an integral part of a healthcare unit. Apart from technical knowledge, another quality you must have is physical strength because you may have to live or move an adult patient. Generally, the duties of nursing assistants include bathing, feeding and dressing patients. In addition, they also need to monitor if there are any severe symptoms developing in the patient, administer the medications, keep tracking patients’ health conditions, and fix crucial appointments with speech therapists or physiotherapists. In this job, you will require basic knowledge of healthcare and medication.
  3. Disability support worker: As a disability support worker, your clients will be those people who have cognitive, mental, and physical disabilities. You have to make sure that they are getting the proper care and treatment. A disability worker has to be most compassionate because difficulties are unavoidable. But you know what, the most rewarding situation occurs when you will find someone getting success after a series of failed attempts. Won’t you feel mesmerized to see a dementia patient recall a pleasant memory after a long period or someone standing on his legs again after years? You can also have various settings for your work that include homes, clinics, hospitals, or community care centres. The Australian Government has introduced the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and after this incident, more people are getting involved in this sector.


  • Industry edge


One of the significant benefits of doing the course from a reputed institute is that you will get several trainers who have years of experience in the industry. They will not only teach you detailed theoretical knowledge but also give you practical training. You will get the necessary mentoring and motivational lectures you will highly require to work in this sector. 


  • Chance of higher study

 After Certificate 3 course, you can now enrol in Certificate 4 course and then the Diploma. The higher your course level, the more job opportunities you will get.

Who to contact

Study in Perth can be more beneficial for you as Perth colleges offer some of the best quality and flexible courses for the aged care sector. For streamlined professional guidance, you may get in touch with professionals from StudyRoo or discuss with an Education Consultant Perth