Why do we fall Sick ?

It is our life style which must be blamed for all our diseases. Today we do not have time even for our natural calls. Day by day we are forcing our excretery system to wait which in turn brings us many diseases. It is not important to know what we eat but it is very important to know what we are unable to excrete.  The matters which are not required inside the body are known as morbid matters. When these matters get deposited inside the body, our excretery system tries to remove it from the body but in place of helping the body in this removal process we obstruct it by one way or the other. According to the Naturopathy the cause of all the diseases is the accumulation of morbid matters inside the body, this way all the diseases are the same though these are known by different names.

Same way the treatment for all the diseases is only one which is the excretion of all the morbid matters from the body by one way or the other. Yoga therapy suggests and propagates the Shat Karma Kriyas viz. Neti, Dhouti, Vasti, Nauli, Tratak and Kapalbhati. (Six Cleansing processes like Nasal Passage cleaning, Oesophagus and Stomach cleaning, Enema for rectum and colon cleaning,Abdomen cleaning, Eyes cleaning and Brain cleaning.) 

                                       Intake inside our body is through eating, drinking,breathing and entry of some particles through skin. Same way these should be going out from our body through Stool passing, Urination, De-breathing and Sweating. These all four outlets must be working smoothly. If any one of these outlets is not working properly, the diseases will be for sure. Stool must be passed regularly and sufficient time should be given for defecation if it is held inside for undue time it puts extra burden on the kidneys and colons. Urination must be attended whenever urge arises otherwise it will cause kidney stones etc. Breathing should be proper and natural long and deep where our diaphragm moves down and stomach comes out like a baloon. At the same time De-breathing must also be complete where our diaphragm moves upward in the chest cavity and the stomach moves back and gets deflated and all the carbon di oxide moves out of the body. We must keep our skin clean as much as possible so that all the sweat pores are open and allow the impurities to move out through sweating.


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