Xinhua Silk Road: Winter Olympics-themed ice park in N. China spearheads green dev. with ice economy

Apart from ranking the first among China’s top 10 ice and snow tourism cities for 2021, Harbin has turned ice and snow tourism into a visible driver of local economy, bringing up the city’s economy, trade, culture and sports sectors.

For instance, Harbin Ice and Snow World, founded in 1999 initially as a place of casual entertainment for local residents in the cold winter, has grown into a popular tourist attraction integrating folk customs, tourism, culture, and related industries nowadays.

This winter, the Winter Olympics-themed park created several thousand of seasonable jobs for local people. After summer planting, making ice sculptures in winter created handsome seasonable incomes for local farmers.

Covering an area of 820,000 square meters, Harbin Ice and Snow World possesses 400,000 square meters of areas for ice and snow landscape, which used 230,000 cubic meters of ice and snow in total and contains 65 clusters of ice and snow sceneries and over 100 of standalone sceneries.

“There are too many choices for fun, such as the bicycling on the ice, ice slide, ice castle, and ski ring,” said a tourist to the theme park, highlighting that it took merely 60-70 seconds to slide down from the top of the 423-meter long ice slide and tourists can wait in the waiting room to keep warm.

Being a name card of Harbin city, the park recreated the classic architecture elements of Winter Olympic Games host countries including Russia, France, Switzerland, Norway and Italy with ice sculptures this year to retell Winter Olympic stories.

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