Archit Vats: Meet Youtuber on a Mission of Plastic Free Uttarakhand

Youtuber Archit Vats (also known as Architfy) is on a mission to make the Mountains Plastic free. Recently Archit confirmed that he will be going on a 1 Month drive across Uttarakhand to educate locals about the usage of single use plastic. Archit says “Tourism in Uttarakhand should be sustainable and everyone including the tourists should travel responsibly”. He uses digital Platforms like Instagram and Youtube to spread awareness about his initiatives.

Archit lives by example, leads a sustainable lifestyle

Archit believes in leading by example and his lifestyle is modelled on minimalist living inspired by Steve Jobs.

On his recent vacation to Goa, he  realized the vast impact our actions have on earth, his first decision was to reduce methane footprint, and he says that he has not traveled by flights ever since.

A vegan by nature, he also educates others to not  use or associate with brands that contribute to ‘fossil fuels’ consumption.

Plastic Pollution due to Tourism in Uttarakhand

Every year (prior to covid) around 1 crore tourists visit Uttarakhand for various holy pilgrimages across the hill state. Tourism is the major source of employment for the majority of the residents in the state. 

In a recent visit to Kedarnath, Archit noticed that many of the vendors on the Yatra trek had thrown the plastic packets, bottles and leftovers from the mountains. Majority of the tourists were also not dealing responsibly with the waste that is generated. The government has installed dustbins at multiple places but still the lack of will has created such a big problem.

“I made a video of the whole incident and posted this on social media, tagging the DM and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Instant action was taken, and a fine was imposed on shop vendors who had thrown garbage in the mountains and on the yatra trek”, He feels that social media platforms have given us the power to change the world for better, and we should make better use of it.

The effects of single-use plastic on the environment

According to an estimate around 3.3 million tonnes per year of plastic waste is produced in India, but only nine per cent is returned for recycling? You might be surprised, but billions of items of plastic waste are entering our lands, oceans and rivers. Plastic pollution is a real issue. In fact, the effects of single-use plastic on the environment are not only unsightly but can also be devastating to wildlife and ecosystems.

Single-use plastic is typically used once, but it needs hundreds of years to break down in landfills. And about 86 per cent of Canada’s plastic waste ends up in a landfill. The remaining five per cent of the plastic is burned to create energy, which causes serious emission problems or enters the environment as litter.

Disposable plastics, such as plastic straws, bags, coffee stirrers, food packaging, and soda and water bottles, never break down completely. Instead, they degrade and become microplastics and continue to pollute the environment. So, here is the impact single-use plastic has on our environment.

About the Plastic Free Uttarakhand Mission

Archit plans to travel across Uttarakhand over the next few months, and educate people about the harms of single use plastic, disposing of the plastic waste and how to urge the tourists to be more responsible. “Sustainable and Responsible tourism is the need of the hour” Archit further added.

Know more about Archit Vats, Checkout his Youtube Channel

Archit Vats

Archit Vats, is a Digital Journalist from India. He usually writes about Technology & Marketing.

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