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Pleasant Valley in Dehradun is renowned for its scenic beauty and premium real estate. This is one of the oldest gated colony in Dehradun situated on Rajpur Road near GRD College. However, beneath its picturesque facade lies a grave issue: a severe water crisis that has plagued many residents for years. Despite the high cost of properties, the colony suffers from acute water shortages, particularly during the summer months, due to a poorly planned & outdated pipeline system.

The Beauty and Irony of Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley boasts luxurious homes with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Property prices in this area are among the highest in Dehradun, attracting affluent buyers seeking a tranquil yet upscale lifestyle. On an average the prices in the colony range from 50,000 INR per Sq Yard to 70,000 INR per Dq Yard. Ironically, this idyllic setting is marred by the harsh reality of an inadequate water supply, making it one of the most challenging places to live in the city.

Understanding the Water Crisis

The water shortage in Pleasant Valley isn’t a new phenomenon. Over the years, the problem has only worsened, with residents facing more frequent and prolonged shortages. The root cause lies in the colony’s outdated and inefficient pipeline system, which fails to meet the water demands of its growing population.

The Poor Pipeline System

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The pipeline system in Pleasant Valley is riddled with issues. Old, leaky pipes and poor maintenance have led to significant water loss. The colony is on a slope, and the pipeline needs lots of pressure to reach house that are on a height. Some resident have installed high power water pumps directly to the water lines to make this problem even worse for others. Additionally, the infrastructure was not designed to support the current number of residents, leading to inadequate water pressure and supply. This systemic failure has left many homes without water for days on end.

Summers in Pleasant Valley

The summer months are particularly brutal for residents of Pleasant Valley. With temperatures soaring, the demand for water peaks, exacerbating the already dire situation. Families are forced to ration water, and many rely on water tankers, which come at a steep cost or after continuous follow ups with Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan Officials. The scarcity disrupts daily life, making simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, and bathing a challenge.

Resident Reactions

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A Resident shared his way of dealing with Water Problem

The ongoing water crisis has sparked frustration and anger among residents. Many have voiced their concerns through social media and local forums, sharing stories of their daily struggles. The RWA at Pleasant Valley (named Pleasant Valley Association) does not stand up for such issues. Some have taken matters into their own hands, investing in private borewells or water storage solutions, while others participate in community meetings to seek collective action.

The water level for a borewell was found at 410 meters below the ground. This is due to the steep incline due to which the water does not seep in the ground rather flows down the slope.

Exploring Alternatives

As the water crisis shows no signs of abating, an increasing number of residents are exploring options outside Pleasant Valley. The real estate market has seen a shift, with more homeowners looking to sell and relocate to areas with reliable water supply. This exodus highlights the critical nature of the issue and its impact on the desirability of the colony.

Property Dealer’s Tactics

Despite the severity of the water crisis, many property dealers continue to market Pleasant Valley as a premium location without disclosing the water issues. Prospective buyers are often unaware of the challenges until they move in. This lack of transparency is a significant concern, as it leaves new homeowners unprepared and disillusioned.

Economic Impact

The water crisis has led to a decline in property values in Pleasant Valley. Potential buyers are deterred by the prospect of living with an unreliable water supply, causing a drop in demand. For current residents, the financial strain of managing the water shortage—whether through purchasing water or investing in private solutions—adds to the overall economic burden.

Community Efforts and Protests

In response to the ongoing crisis, local community groups have organized protests and petitions demanding immediate action from authorities. These efforts aim to draw attention to the issue and push for a comprehensive overhaul of the pipeline system. Community solidarity has been crucial in amplifying the residents’ voices and pushing for change.

Government Response

The local government has acknowledged the water crisis in Pleasant Valley and initiated some measures to address it. The most common reply from Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan is that there is water shortage, there is no rain, we will send tankers daily etc.

But hardly any action is taken on such issues.

Living in Pleasant Valley: Pros and Cons

Living in Pleasant Valley comes with its set of advantages, such as beautiful surroundings and high-end amenities. However, the water crisis casts a long shadow over these benefits. The inconvenience and additional costs associated with managing the water shortage make it a less appealing option for many potential residents.

Advice for Potential Homebuyers

For those considering purchasing a property in Pleasant Valley, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. Prospective buyers should ask property dealers specific questions about the water supply situation and any ongoing or planned infrastructure improvements. Visiting the area and speaking with current residents can also provide valuable insights into the living conditions.

Do not fall for Property dealers and the high property prices they quote. The actual selling rates in the colony range from 50,000 INR per Sq Yard to 70,000 INR per Sq Yards on the very higher side.


The water crisis in Pleasant Valley, Dehradun, is a complex issue rooted in poor planning and outdated infrastructure. Despite its allure as a premium residential area, the ongoing water shortage has significantly impacted the quality of life for its residents. Addressing this crisis requires a concerted effort from the community, property developers, and local authorities. Only with a comprehensive and sustainable approach can Pleasant Valley reclaim its status as a desirable place to live.


What is the main cause of the water crisis in Pleasant Valley?

The primary cause of the water crisis in Pleasant Valley is the outdated and poorly maintained pipeline system, which fails to meet the water demands of the colony’s residents.

How have residents adapted to the water shortage?

Residents have adapted by rationing water, purchasing water from tankers, and investing in private borewells and water storage solutions.

Is it advisable to buy a property in Pleasant Valley?

Potential buyers should thoroughly research and consider the ongoing water crisis before purchasing property in Pleasant Valley Dehradun. Speaking with current residents and asking detailed questions about water supply can help in making an informed decision. Also they shoud not fall prey to very high prices that are quoted by Property Dealers

What should new buyers be aware of when considering homes in Pleasant Valley?

New buyers should be aware of the water shortage issues, the current state of the pipeline system, and any planned infrastructure improvements. Transparency from property dealers is crucial to avoid future inconvenience.

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