25 Interesting Facts about Nostradamus

Nostradamus has always been synonymous to Mystery, in this Article we will discuss some really Interesting Facts about Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame, universally acknowledged as Nostradamus, emerges as an individual notorious for his forecasts concerning the future, predominantly encapsulated in four-line stanzas known as “quatrains.” Despite his reputation, Nostradamus was, in essence, a erudite physician and author, revered during his era for both his curative endeavours and the triumphs of his written almanacs. While he never explicitly prophesied an apocalypse, commercial entities have distorted much of his seer-like endeavours for monetary gain. Delve into 25 insights about the individual overshadowed by myth.

1) Test Your Prophetic Prowess

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Due to the triumph of his works and an almost celebrity-like aura, Nostradamus spurred numerous individuals, including Christopher Columbus, to dabble in apocalyptic predictions. Columbus, inspired by Nostradamus’ work, authored an unpublished collection of prophecies.

2) Expelled from Academia

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Enrolled in medical school, Nostradamus faced expulsion upon discovery of his past stint as an apothecary, a profession barred from the University. The records of the University of Montpellier still preserve his expulsion document.

3) Haunted Existence

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Throughout a significant juncture of his life, Nostradamus lived in perpetual fear of incurring the Inquisition’s wrath for heresy due to his involvement in the prophecy realm. Despite the anxiety, prophecy and astrology were not considered heretical during his time.

4) Meditative Insights

Facts about Nostradamus

Although he didn’t enter a mystical trance for composing quatrains, Nostradamus immersed himself in meditation to induce a visionary state, attributing his prophecies to these inspired visions.

5) Pandemic Detour

Facts about Nostradamus

Before his ill-fated attempt at the University of Montpellier, Nostradamus, at 15, attended the University of Avignon. The school’s closure during a plague outbreak diverted his path, allowing him to explore botany and herbal remedies.

6) Religious Evolution

The surname Nostredame, meaning “Our Lady,” was assumed by Nostradamus’ grandfather upon converting from Judaism to Catholicism in the 15th century.

7) Financial Ventures

After the loss of his first wife, Nostradamus remarried a wealthy widow, leading to financial stability. The couple invested in the construction of the Canal de Craponne in 1556, a venture that endures today.

8) Faithful Ties

Despite his foray into the occult, Nostradamus remained a devout Roman Catholic, expressing opposition to the Protestant Reformation.

9) Nominal Evolution

With the surge in almanac publications, Nostradamus adapted by Latinizing his name from “Nostradame” to “Nostradamus” in 1550, enhancing his brand recognition.

10) Prolific Almanac Auteur

His inaugural almanac achieved remarkable success, prompting Nostradamus to annually compose at least one almanac until his demise, totaling 6,338 distinct prophecies.

11) Noble Recognition

Following his almanac triumph, European nobility sought his counsel and horoscopes, leading to his ambitious project of 1,000 undated quatrains, now his enduring legacy.

12) Linguistic Obfuscation

To obviate explanations and obscure meanings, Nostradamus coined words by amalgamating languages and employing distinctive syntax, employing the strategy of intellectual opacity.

13) Historical Appropriation

Nostradamus drew heavily from existing sources, a common practice in the 16th century. His credit lies in being the initial translator of these prophecies into French.

14) Random Divination

It’s now suggested that Nostradamus employed “bibliomancy” to formulate prophecies, randomly selecting cues from history books by flipping to arbitrary pages.

15) Occult Abandonment

In a surprising turn, Nostradamus claimed to burn his entire occult library in 1555, sparking historical debate on the authenticity of this act.

16) Astrological Projections

Nostradamus projected past events into the future using astrology for alleged future predictions, a contentious practice even in his era.

17) Geographical Constraints

Despite claims of global predictions, Nostradamus explicitly restricted his prophetic writings to Europe, North Africa, and a fraction of Asia Minor.

18) Third Reich Exploitation

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and Rudolf Hess endorsed certain Nostradamus quatrains during WWII, disseminating fabricated prophecies predicting France’s defeat.

19) Hygienic Insights

Nostradamus effectively treated plague victims through emphasis on cleanliness, a departure from contemporary practices like bloodletting.

20) Healing Recipes

As a healer, Nostradamus authored a medical cookbook encompassing remedies for plagues and unconventional concoctions, including a “love jam” and toothpaste.

21) Prophetic Disavowal

Cognizant of his role, Nostradamus consistently denied being a prophet, asserting his reluctance to claim prophetic abilities.

22) Plague Mitigation Attempts

Beyond prophecies, Nostradamus served as a healer during the Black Plague, gaining acclaim for his concoction of a “rose pill” meant to ward off the plague, albeit unsuccessfully.

23) Personal Tragedy

Little is known about Nostradamus’ first wife, but during the plague, she and their children succumbed to the same fate, leaving him bereft.

24) Fabricated Predictions

Claims that Nostradamus predicted the 9/11 attacks are debunked as an internet hoax, fueled by a confluence of media platforms.

25) Courtly Ascension

Summoned to King Henry II’s court by his wife, Catherine de Medici, Nostradamus anticipated dire consequences but ultimately secured a position as Counselor to the Queen and Physician-in-Ordinary to her son, King Charles IX.


What were Nostradamus’ main contributions to the field of prophecy?

Nostradamus made significant contributions by popularizing quatrains as a means of conveying future events. His unique blend of astrology and historical projection set him apart, fostering a distinct method of prophetic expression.

How accurate were Nostradamus’ predictions, and did he foresee any major historical events accurately?

Nostradamus’ accuracy remains a subject of debate. While some claim he foresaw major historical events, such as World War II, skeptics argue that his quatrains are open to broad interpretation and lack definitive correlation with specific occurrences.

Did Nostradamus face any backlash or persecution for his prophetic endeavours during his lifetime?

Although Nostradamus lived in constant fear of persecution by the Inquisition due to his involvement in prophecy, historical records indicate that neither prophecy nor astrology were considered heretical during his era. Thus, he avoided direct persecution despite his apprehensions.

What techniques did Nostradamus employ in composing his quatrains, and how did he ensure their mysterious and enigmatic nature?

Nostradamus utilized techniques like bibliomancy, drawing inspiration from history books by randomly selecting cues. Additionally, he intentionally obscured meanings by creating words through a fusion of languages and adopting a distinctive syntax, contributing to the enigmatic quality of his prophecies.

Aside from his prophetic pursuits, what other noteworthy aspects of Nostradamus’ life and career should readers be aware of?

Nostradamus led a multifaceted life, excelling as a physician, almanac writer, and healer during the Black Plague. His financial ventures, involvement with European nobility, and personal tragedies, such as the loss of his first wife, contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the man behind the prophetic mystique.

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