Best Travel Backpack Manufacturers in the USA

Best Travel Backpack Manufacturers in the USA

In the past, backpacks were plain luggage carriers, but for now, they have become a fashion statement. Nowadays, travelers want to carry comfortable but fashionable travel backpacks. We've done some research and come up with a list of some of the best manufacturers you can contact for your wholesale travel backpacks business.

What Makes a Manufacturer Best in Industry?

Before we move on to the list of travel backpacks manufacturers in the United States, let's talk about what makes a manufacturer an example for others.

  • Reliable: They are reliable, and their reputation in the market is for their compliance.
  • Responsibility: They take responsibility for their mistakes and compensate their customers for building long-term relationships.
  • Accessibility: They not only serve people near their area but also reach out-of-bounds audiences. Their accessibility range is quite wide.
  • Price: They offer discounts and reasonable prices to retain their customers.
  • Quality: They never compromise on their quality. Consumers trust them with quality assurance.
  • Innovative Approach: They never live with the same patterns and designs. They offer innovative and progressive products following their customer demands.

Our Picks

Here is a list of some best travel backpack manufacturers in the USA:

  • The North Face

The North Face started its business in 1966 with an ambition to provide its customers with the best traveling equipment. Since then, they are dealing with the best traveling tools like backpacks, tents, and other sleeping gears along with traveling apparel.

Reason to Be in Our List

If you are thinking, what put this multi-dimensional manufacturer on our list, then the answer is simple; quality. Their backpacks are not only user-friendly but also serve years because of their FlexVent Suspension System. Lightweight and distinct designs fulfill the primary demands of the customers. These amazing features of their products guarantee a comfortable traveling experience.


  • Deuter

Hans Deuter founded Deuter in 1898. Since then, this company has been providing its customers with quality products. From mailbags to travel backpacks, this company offers a fully customizable traveling adventure. Their lightweight backpacks are famous for their ergonomic customer comfort experience.

Reason to Be in Our List

Unlike many other manufacturers, Deuters USA takes responsibility in case of any damage and delay. They repair damaged backpacks free as they never compromise on their work quality. These traits put them on our list as one of the best manufacturers in the USA.


  • Herschel Supply Co.

Founded in 2009, this company adopted the name of the native town of the owners. The detailing of the products and their versatility make this company one of the best manufacturers.

Reason to Be in Our List

Herschel Supply Co. invests in innovation and maintenance with a focus on functionality. They do not manufacture plain backpacks. They have modern and attractive designs with different colors. Their fabric and materials are of high quality. Their backpacks are designed spaciously with internal pockets to give more.


  • Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the most trusted outdoor brands in the United States. Their waterproof backpacks have dominated the bag market for decades now.

Reason to Be in Our List

Patagonia offers a return and exchange policy for its customers. They simplify the procedure to ensure prompt responses. They are part of the 1% for the planet, which means they pledge to donate 1% of their income to environmental groups.

  • Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover was founded in 2013. The company manufactures non-toxic and harmless products. From material selection to production, the entire process is overseen by trained artisans and employees.

Reason to Be in Our List

Dagne Dover offers one of the broadest backpack ranges. From small to medium and large, they deal in all types of backpacks. Their small backpacks are perfect for travelers who want to travel for a day or so with enough space.

They manufacture medium backpacks, keeping the necessities in the mind. They offer space for laptops, chargers, and clothes. In case your customer is looking for a large backpack for a long weekend trip, their large backpacks are best for them.


Through this blog, we have given you the best possible options in case if you are considering starting your own business. We guide you on what to consider before entering a business deal with a manufacturer. It doesn't matter who you choose, make your selection wisely because they affect your business. The growth of your business depends on your suppliers. You can meet with different suppliers before deciding. You can test their business by asking them for samples.

In case you are a wholesale apparel business and thinking to enter a new venture, then this business is a good option.

If you have any suggestions or advice, let us know. We would like to share your thoughts.