Do Aliens exist ? The Anunnaki - Reptilian Alien Theory

You might have wondered, Do Aliens exist? The Anunnaki Reptilian Alien Theory reasons the dualistic nature of humans & the presence of Alien Life among us.

Do Aliens exist ? The Anunnaki - Reptilian Alien Theory
Do aliens exist

The 2 Big Alien Theories

There are two groups of theories regarding ancient aliens:

  • Anunnaki theories
  • Reptilian theories

Both types of theories claim the human race did not evolve through Darwinian processes but had extraterrestrial origins; and both types of theories claim our real history was like the movie/tv series Stargate: with extraterrestrials guiding the development of our society, sharing their technology with us, and playing the role of gods.

do aliens exist

The Difference Between them?

reptilian alien theory

The Anunnaki and Reptilian theories differ on who these “gods” were. The Reptilians are thought to resemble the lizard-people from the tv series V, except they never bothered to disguise themselves as humans. The Anunnaki are thought to be more human-looking, except that they were 12-15 feet tall (twice as tall as a tall human). Those who subscribe to the Reptilian theory (that the Reptilians were the “gods”), believe the Annunaki were Reptilians.

The Reptilian Theory & Human Race

aliens and humans

The main difference between the Reptilian and Anunnaki theories is where they say the human race came from. The Reptilian theory posits that humans originated in the Lyran star system, that they had a war with the Reptilians millennia ago, and that they came to Earth as refugees from that war. But the Reptilians followed them to Earth, and the war continued here. Ultimately, the war climaxed in an exchange of nuclear weapons: many scholars believe the biblical account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is based on a real historical account of how those cities were destroyed by nuclear fire. The war finally came to an end when the Reptilians and the Lyran humans agreed that neither species would rule the Earth: the Earth would instead be ruled by a hybrid of both species. So Reptilian genes and human genes were spliced together to create this hybrid, and that’s us – modern humans.

The Anunnaki Theory & the Human Race

the anunnaki alien theory

The Anunnaki theory tells a different story. The Anunnaki came to Earth to mine for minerals, primarily gold, on which most of their technology was based, and which was in short supply on their home planet Nibiru. Nibiru passes close to Earth every 36,000 years – the rest of the time, its highly elliptical orbit carries it well outside our solar system. It was during one of these 36,000-year “fly-bys” the Anunnaki came to Earth to mine for gold. But the mining was hard work, and after a few thousand years, the Anunnaki tired of it and started looking for a convenient source of slave labor. Their solution was to take the most highly evolved primate species on the Earth at the time, and graft their own genes on to it. The result was the first humans, who resembled the Anunnaki (but were much shorter) because they were “created in God’s image” as the bible says. Some scholars believe the original text of the bible says humans were created in “the gods’ image” meaning gods plural, which would be more historically accurate, given there were many Anunnaki. Over time, the Anunnaki inter-bred with their creations (our ancestors), so that they came to resemble Annunaki more and more, and the apes they had evolved from, less and less. When the Bible says “There were giants in the Earth, in those days”, it is referring to the Anunnaki, and their offspring.

Aliens & the Noah's Ark

noah's ark real location

The Anunnaki became divided into two factions: those that wanted to share their technology with humans; and those that wanted to keep it to themselves. For Annunaki theorists, the nuclear war that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah was between these opposing Anunnaki factions. Soon after this war, Nibiru was due to pass close to Earth again… which would have devastating effects for anyone left on Earth’s surface. The anti-human Annunaki faction, led by Enlil, wanted to save only themselves, and leave the humans to die, but the pro-human faction, led by Enki, thought the humans should be saved. Enki gave Noah instructions to build an Ark, in which he and his family could survive the coming Flood.

As Nibiru passed by the Earth, its gravity caused one of the polar ice caps (I forget which one) to slide off and fall into the ocean, causing a flood so massive that every civilization that existed at the time now has a flood myth (the one in the Bible is hardly unique).

Why did the Annunaki leave us?

anunnaki leave earth

For a few years or decades after this (accounts are vague on this point) the Anunnaki returned to Earth and helped the humans rebuild. But they didn’t linger long, because they wanted to go home to Nibiru before its highly elliptical orbit carried it out of our solar system. The Anunnaki left, and as humans bred with one another, the Annunaki genes became diluted, and our race became shorter in stature. For Annunaki purists, the story ends there.

The Evidences of a Genetically modified Human Civilization

genetically modified humans

The “smoking gun” that we are a genetically engineered species, is the staggering number of genetic defects we have. Whenever you genetically engineer an organism, you create genetic defects. Naturally occurring organisms have very few genetic defects… humans have over 4,000, and we are finding new ones every year. We have far, far more genetic defects than any other species on the planet. Darwin himself said that “we have all the earmarks of a domesticated animal.” Domesticated animals, such as cattle, poultry, and pets, are riddled with genetic defects because humans have selectively bred them for hundreds of generations to get them in their current forms.

Chimpanzees & Humans

Also, there is only one chromosome of the difference between us and chimpanzees. We have one less chromosome than they do because chimpanzee chromosomes 2 and 3 have been fused together in us. There is no natural process that can cause chromosomes to fuse in this way: but it is a common practice in genetic engineering.

Human Brain Size

Equally compelling evidence of genetic manipulation comes in the form of a sudden increase in our brain size, which evolution cannot account for. Take a look at the final three steps in the currently accepted human evolutionary tree:

  • Homo sapiens (modern human) 200,000 YBP - Brain size: 1,450cm3
  • Homo heidelbergensis 600,000 YBP - Brain size: 1,348cm3
  • Homo habilis 2,500,000 YBP - Brain size: 700cm3

*YBP denotes Years Before Present

From this chart, we can see that the brain size of our ancestors nearly doubled from Homo habilis to Homo heidelbergensis, but this increase of 648cm3 took 1.9 million years. Compared to that, the most recent increase: (from Homo heidelbergensis to us) of 102cm3 in just 400,000 years, is a massive “evolutionary leap” that is simply impossible according to Darwin’s theory.

Human Race after the Great Flood

the great flood 2025

In the wake of the Flood, human civilization developed very rapidly: far more rapidly than it could have without outside help (from ETs). The established archaeological view is that the state of human civilization before the Flood was that of primitive hunter-gatherers, ignorant of agriculture and incapable of any architectural feats bigger than wigwams and bivouacs. Yet Egypt and Mesopotamia had miraculously developed mathematics, architecture, astronomy, law, philosophy, and medicine a few centuries later, with no visible forerunners.

Other Stories about Origin of Human Civilisation 

Any apparently independent cultural stories about the origin of civilizations (including the Sumerians. Egyptians, and Hindus) report that basic scientific principles and whole fields of knowledge cam from non-human sources. These stories of technical assistance often attribute the basic concepts for civil institutions and social standards to ETs. This goes against our natural tendency as human beings (at least in today’s culture) to claim credit for any new idea that we (ourselves) come up with. 

Wonders Ancient Alien Technology

ancient alien technology

All over the world, monuments built of massive blocks of stone, fitted together so precisely that you can’t fit a cigarette paper in between them, suggest a global civilization that built cataclysm-proof structures (in the wake of the flood). What suggests an extraterrestrial influence, is that we could not build such monuments today, even with modern technology. For example, the Prime Meridian building (which we built with modern technology) is supposed to be perfectly oriented north, south, east, and west, but it is 9/60ths of a degree off True North, compared to just 3/60ths of a degree off True North, for the Great Pyramid. Then, there is a huge complex of temples at Baalbek (in Lebanon). The platforms of these temples contain five million cubic feet of stone blocks, most of them weighing hundreds of tons, all of them perfectly square, with perfectly smooth sides (a feat difficult to duplicate with modern tools, and impossible with the hammers and chisels which were all the ancients supposedly possessed), and all of them fit together so precisely you couldn’t fit a human hair in between them. Three of these stones – the Trilithons – weigh more than 1000 tons each, heavier than the biggest crane we have today can lift. Again, suggesting an extraterrestrial agency at work, is the remarkable similarity between these monuments, appearing all over the world, at the same time. There is a common influence that touched all of these places, long before recorded history began, a remote, 3rd party civilization, unidentified by historians, that had a presence in Mexico, a presence in South America, a presence in Egypt, and elsewhere, and left behind a legacy of knowledge, in all of these places.

Ancient Alien Technologies we used

ancient anunnaki alien technology

At the end of the last ice age, the Chippewa’s Manaboshu (a Noah-like personage) received instructions from an AB on how to make a good bow and arrow and how to work with copper.

In Old Mexico, Zanna, who is believed to have led the ancestors of the Aztecs to Yucatan, was considered to be the “author of civilization” and the source of their alphabet.

The Algonquins consider a being named Gluskap, who did feats too amazing for a man to have done, to be their cultural founder.

The Mayan’s ancestors reportedly received advanced ideas from Kukulcan, who arrived from the West and helped found a new culture.

Quetzalcoatl, credited with having taught the Toltecs many important areas of knowledge, was deemed to have made the greatest contribution to the founding of their culture, including setting ceremonial calendars and religious practices.

Then there are the many hieroglyphs and petroglyphs created by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Mesopotamians, depicting such things as planes, helicopters, space rockets and satellites, thousands of years before we “invented” (it would be more accurate to say re-discovered) these technologies. Technologies that were depicted as being gifts from the “Gods” (in reality, ETs posing as gods).

So, are Ancient Aliens real? 

aliens and humans

It’s a “yes” from me. I believe the Anunnaki and the Reptilians were two distinct races, and both played a significant role in shaping human history/development. The majority of researchers believe the Anunnaki were the “gods”, and I lean towards this view myself, but I’m not 100% convinced it wasn’t the Reptilians. The problem is that the evidence, and the historical records, that survive from those times (around 12,000 years ago) are fragmentary, and can be interpreted in many different ways: like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can fit together in many combinations to form many different pictures.

But I’m not an Anunnaki purist, and I believe our true history is likely some hybrid of the Anunnaki and Reptilian theories, just as our species is a hybrid of Annunaki and Reptilian DNA. I believe that after the Annunaki created us, through genetic engineering and interbreeding, the Reptilians tampered with our DNA further, to make us more like them (the Reptilians). That is why we now have a reptilian brain and a mammalian brain, encased in our skulls. It is the conflict between these two brains that creates our dualistic nature: we get our spiritual, creative side from our Annunaki heritage, and our savage, destructive side from our Reptilian heritage.