15 Unknown Facts about Indian Republic Day

Read Interesting Facts About Indian Republic Day. Did you know who gave the first republic day speech? or where was the Constitution of India printed?

15 Unknown Facts about Indian Republic Day

It's well-known that the afternoon India turned into a separate Republic and obtained a Constitution, will be celebrated as Republic Day on January 26 that the day annually. Here Is a look of the events in the history of the country Since India gears up to observe 69 Decades of becoming a Republic:

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  1. January 26 was previously renowned as India's Independence Day or Purna Swaraj Day, Once the Declaration of Independence was formally promulgated in 1930

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  2. But in 1947, because August 15 became the official Freedom Day, also '' that the Indian Constitution was adopted with this day in 1950, to indicate the 1930 announcement

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  3. The Meeting met for 166 days, spread over a span of two Decades, 11 months and 18 days prior to adopting the Constitution

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  4. Dr. BR Ambedkar was the then Chairman of the Constitution Committee finished the initial draft of India's Constitution in roughly two Decades and 11 months

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  5. One of the other influences, five-year programs were taken in the Constitution of USSR and theories of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in the French Constitution

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  6. India gets the maximum written Constitution on earth with 448 posts in 22 Components, 12 Schedules, and 97 Amendments

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  7. You will find just two copies of this Constitution in both Hindi and in English that are stored in helium-filled instances from the Parliament's library

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  8. The first Constitution of India is hand-written with lovely calligraphy, every page beautified and adorned by artists in Shantiniketan

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  9. Determined by the pages and cover represent fashions from different cultures of this subcontinent, Which Range from the ancient Mohenjodaro culture to the current

  10. The calligraphy Within the publication was completed by Prem Behari Narain Raizada and printed in Dehradun

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  11. Indonesia's President Sukarno was the very primary chief guest in the R-Day parties held on 26 January 1950

  12. At the Exact Same afternoon, the very first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad took oath in Durbar Hall

  13. India embraced the Lion Head in the Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath, on Republic Day at 1950

  14. Throughout 1950-1954, the parties were organized at different places, before Rajpath became the most permanent Site

  15. Republic Day parties interval over 3 days and then finish with all the Beating Retreat Ceremony on January 29