How To Generate You’re First Shopify Product Feed Using Feedgeni

How To Generate You’re First Shopify Product Feed Using Feedgeni

Filling out product data and submitting it can be time-consuming. Your products can end up looking like everybody else’s.

 Product feeds can actually accomplish much more than simply a ‘data transfer’ – they are also an essential tool for eCommerce personalization. Personalization can help increase the click-through rate of your product ads, increase the number of time users spend on your store and increase your conversion rate (the moment when a visitor becomes a customer).


Feeds that we simply send data along in an unspecial way. And that’s basically what most product feeds do, they just move data along. But wait… those products likely aren’t as visible, as popular, or as requested as they could be if they were actually promoted. Just imagine all the potential you’re missing out on!

 Your product feed should provide your eCommerce channels with as much information as possible so buyers only see products they’re looking for - and you make more sales.


With hundreds of eCommerce channels and marketplaces available to you, there’s not enough time in your day to dedicate to optimizing your product data. That’s where Product Feed Generator lends a helping hand so that you can focus on growing your business – instead of sabotaging it with poorly optimized product feeds.

Ways to Manage your Shopify Product Feeds

Manually Feed Optimization

If you have small catalogs, or just want to have access to a historical record of all changes made to your product data, we recommend this method. It will keep a running record of all updates made to your products. 


To accomplish this task, you need to access the Google Sheets channel for each marketplace you participate in and update any changes by importing the latest CSV file on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, or however frequently you choose) through the "Import from Excel." 


This is done by selecting the specific sheet to update along with the most up-to-date CSV file. When an update is made

Using Content API 

Content API product feeds provide you with a quick way to set up a listing in bulk on Shopify, Bigcommerce, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Jet, Sears, and Newegg. The API option allows you to attempt more channels as well as having them update changes and new items more regularly over time in the future. This option would be great for newer sellers who aren’t ready to make the jump into product feed optimization - just don't let your products go out as they exist in your store! This may limit your ability to optimize the titles and descriptions. Else, go for Product Feeds Automation.

Product Feed Automation

If you want to reach a broader market, sell through multiple sales channels or gain access to your data in real-time, consider getting a product feed automation tool that’s scalable as your needs grow. You can significantly increase your revenue by using feeds in your SEO campaign. But in order to do this properly, you need to pick the right solution and optimize your feed data.

 If your business is fairly new and you are trying to get more visibility online, one of the most cost-effective ways is through Google Shopping. Product Feed Generator makes the process easy.


Product Feed Generator is a Shopify App that will generate and optimize your product feed for Google Shopping or any other shopping engine. Websites like Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, Bing Shopping, eBay, and others use product feeds to display products on their sites for sale. From the sell-through rate to the relevance of shoppers, product feeds are the lifeblood of online retail.


The Product Feed Generator app helps you manage and submit product feeds on various shopping platforms from one place, and by providing smart features like Product Mapping, setting inventory rules, Title Optimization, Weight Conversion, setting Google Custom Labels makes it the most useful Product Feed App of Shopify. With this app, multiple products can be published in multiple countries with thousands of products under your control.


Shopify google shopping app helps you to keep a close eye on your Google and Amazon product feeds and their performance. Sales records, products list, sessions, bounce rates, user influence, and other crucial information related to the performance of product feed are placed beautifully in an easy-to-understand manner. With this feature, you can know which products have made the most sales as compared to others in an overall or a specific time period.

How to Generate feeds using FeedGeni’s Product Feed Generator

Create Basic Feed

When you've installed the Product Feed Generator app on your Shopify Store, click on "Create Basic Feed".

Enter Feed Name, Select Google Shopping, and Add Categories

Provide your feed's name, select your channel as Google Shopping, give a category to it, and click on Create. Wait for some time and you will get confirmation on your registered email after successful feed setup.

Benefits of using Product Feed Generator

Ability to sell on more than 30 different shopping platforms.

The Feed Generator App is designed to operate with 30+ Popular Shopping Channels, allowing you to access buyers from all over the world that use these Shopping engines to sell your products to!


So you don't have to worry about generating sales anymore because it supports many channels including Amazon, Google Shopping, and Bing Shopping as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Product Feed as well as Connexity and MyShopping as well as Pricerunner, SortPrice, and Getprice.

Decide on your inventory rules

You can add information to your Product Feed by using Inventory Rules. To work with a certain comparison shopping site, but Shopify does not offer the fields you need, you can add them with Inventory Rules.


Sync Multiple Attributes

Updating feeds manually can lead to human mistakes and inaccurate information about your products. Investing in a shopping feed generator application that automates the process of establishing and managing your feeds could be a solution to this problem. 

Conclusive Thoughts

For this reason, the Product Feed Generator should be considered if you're in need of an app that creates product data for a Shopify store and does it in a trustworthy manner Using the Product Feed Generator App, you can immediately reach the potential customer and make a transaction.


The Product Feed Generator app is really fast and easy to navigate. For the finest experience for its users, it's regularly updated. Start using this excellent product feed software now and never again miss a customer because of faulty or incomplete product feeds.