How To Make All Credit Card Bill Payment Online?

How To Make All Credit Card Bill Payment Online?

In the financial year 2019, the value of digital payments in India recorded a whopping 769% of its GDP. This shows an unprecedented level of increase in cashless payments in the country.

Further, with the onset of the recent crisis in 2020, the volume of online payments has been boosted further; meaning that most individuals today, given the option, prefer making bill payments through the digital platform. To ease the process, the following is a list of methods one might prefer to use for credit card bill payment online.

Payment through internet banking

A customer with a current/savings account needs to register for net-banking and link his/her credit card to the designated account. Next, he/she can log in through the website of the financial institution, visit the credit card tab and select “Credit Card Payment Option”.

In this regard, individuals should be careful about keeping sensitive information pertaining to card details secure.

In case of theft/loss of a credit card, you should contact your financial institution immediately and ask for a replacement. One can also avail of a Wallet Care plan offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions to minimize the financial liabilities arising due to credit card theft. This policy lets you block all your cards with one phone call and offers substantial financial coverage during such instances.

Credit card bill payment through online fund transfer

There are two ways to pay credit card bills without having to open a savings account with the issuing financial institution.


For credit card payment through NEFT, choose “NEFT” in the “Fund Transfer” from the website of your financial institution. Then, from a list of beneficiaries, choose the issuer of the credit card and enter the requisite details.


For large transactions of Rs.2 lakhs or more, you can use RTGS to pay all credit card dues in one go. You need to have net-banking activated in order to use RTGS.

Credit card bill payment online using BillDesk

BillDesk is a payment gateway that allows a person to make payments through debit cards and net banking. To do this, one needs to create an account in Billdesk by adding basic information. Thereafter, the account holder needs to log in each time he/she wants to make a payment.

Mobile wallets for bill payment

Mobile wallets/e-wallets let a person carry out electronic transactions through a digital/virtual wallet or transfer funds directly from a savings/current account using UPI. Bill payments can be made through e-wallets like Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, etc. by downloading the application and linking debit cards and savings account to it.

It is important to be careful while making online credit card payments as cyber-crime is so widespread today. You can also protect yourself from financial losses due to cyber-fraud by choosing cyber security cover.

Using the auto-debit facility

Individuals can also initiate their credit card bill payment online using auto-debit in case they fear forgetting to pay or use multiple credit cards. For this, they would need net-banking facilities and give permission to their financial institutions to make these payments.

You should still be careful while leaving your payments to auto-debit and check your account statements regularly to prevent unauthorized transactions. This is because scammers can auto-debit without your consent if they manage to get your account number. You could financially protect yourself from unauthorized transactions by getting fraudulent charges cover against a nominal premium and high coverage value.

The advent of the Internet has made bill payments easier and faster. More and more individuals are foregoing traditional credit card payments and instead opting for digital transactions. You should avail these easy modes of payment at your convenience to pay your credit card bills on time and avoid penalties that can affect your credit score and or lead to hefty fines.