Learn How to Check Duplicate Content to Improve Your SEO Practice-

Learn How to Check Duplicate Content to Improve Your SEO Practice-

Duplicate content lowers your website’s rank on the Google Search Ranking. To get more audience, the content posted must be unique and original as the original content is what gives a better user experience. According to Google, duplicate content refers to the same or similar content that can be found in the same domain or other domain. T

he users visit your page to find fresh content and not to read the copy of some other page. Duplicate content adds no value to your website. 

Google, while listing the search engine ranking, eliminates duplicate content. It also becomes frustrating and tiring for users when they repeatedly get the same content for a particular query. You can take references from different websites but cannot copy their content. You must include your own writing style and ideas. Sometimes, duplicate content can also be posted by mistake, but such mistakes can cost you your entire audience-base. Unintentional mistakes can affect your SEO. 

To avoid these mistakes, here are a few ways to check the duplicate content-

  • Free Checkers- There are lots of duplicate content checker options available online. Some of these are for free, while some are paid. The subscription is available at a very low price. These content checkers ensure that the content is unique and not plagiarized. Some of the tools are DupliChecker, SiteLiner and Copyscape. These tools are easy to use. You only have to copy the article and paste it in the space provided and within a few seconds, it will check for plagiarism. It highlights the plagiarized part and also gives the site’s link from where it has been copied. Some of these tools also provide an additional feature for making the text unique. These free checkers are a must-have for every content writer.
  • 301 Redirect- This is a simple, search-engine friendly tool for checking duplicate content in SEO. By using this, if you have found multiple plagiarized content pages on your website, you can re-direct these pages to the original page. This fixes the duplicate content issue most smoothly and offers original content to users.
  • Google’s URL Parameter Tool- By using this tool, you can deliver similar content to the users with some small noticeable changes in it. It allows Google to know that the content is intentionally duplicated. It also makes the content not applicable for the SEO purpose. This tool is highly used by almost every content marketing agency.
  • Tags- Two different tags that are used as duplicate content checker: the rel= canonical <link> tag and the noindex meta tag. The rel= canonical <link> tag guides the search engine and tells about the master page and which page URL should be viewed as the master page. It eliminates the confusion of duplicate content. The meta tag is a bit different from the rel= canonical <link> tag. Instead of telling the index pages, it guides the search engine.

Duplicate content is a major reason for decreased SEO ranking in Google search results. You have to check your website regularly for any plagiarized content in it and try to fix it at the earliest. Give fresh, diverse and relevant content to your users so that they visit your website more often. Writing a good piece of content attracts users that have an interest in your niche.  

Intentional copying from other websites can lead to plagiarism penalty and in severe cases, the company can press charges against the content or the company. Fixing the duplicate content issues and replacing it with original content can significantly increase the page ranking. With easy access to tools that can check for duplicate content, you should make the most out of these to make the content free from plagiarism.