Looking For A Career In Childcare? Go for Cert 3 Childcare

Looking For A Career In Childcare? Go for Cert 3 Childcare

If you have an instinctive fondness for kids, then, you must consider a career in the child care sector of Australia. So, do you also like to spend time with children who are between zero to five years? If your reply is yes, then, completing the cert 3 childcare course must be your choice. This course provides you the necessary knowledge and skills you need to work as a professional childcare educator. You will either work in community education settings or that within classrooms.

Course Overview

The certificate 3 in childcare Perth aims at preparing you impeccably a proficient child care worker. You will learn how to provide a caring, safe and healthy ambience to kids. Besides, you will also learn that how to ensure comprehensive safety, well-being, and health for kids. This course teaches you to perform the said tasks while working collectively with your accomplices and educators. Some of the other things which you will learn from this course include the following:

  • Working while complying with the various industrial and legal procedures, policies, and requirements.
  • Supporting children who are ailing with behavioral matters
  • Attain the skills to encourage children to study effectively and confidently while staying completely focused
  • Aid in the process of classroom organization and coordination of community education centers
  • Learn to support the several academic programs in an adept manner within early childhood setups

Aside, you will also attain knowledge about the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’. As a result, you will become competent at assisting kids in the process of their overall development. Apart from the eighteen units of competency, you can partake in informative workshop sessions too. These include preparation of job interview, training of nanny and resume formulation, etc.

Eligibility Criteria!

To apply for the certificate iii in the childcare course, you need to meet a series of eligibility requirements unfailingly. These include the following:

  • You should at least be eighteen years old
  • Make sure you have at least two years of experience in the pertinent sector. The job role you presided over must need the usage of communication and documentation.
  • You must hold a qualification which is equivalent to Certificate II level or higher than it
  • You must have fundamental computing skills
  • You should have completed English till the level of year ten. Alternatively, you can also demonstrate your competency in English through some other options. You can show that you hold a two-year industry experience in a job role that requires documentation and communication. If not, then, you can prove that you’ve finished a Nationally Accredited Training Program at Certificate II level. If you wish you can also show a qualification more than that.
  • Basic understanding of Literacy, Numeracy, and Language

You need to substantiate that you possess sound health before applying for this course.  This is because the activities included in the placement training are comprised of laborious tasks like lifting things manually etc.

Reasons to choose certificate III in the childcare course!

There are various reasons for which an increasing number of overseas learners are applying for this course. Some of them include the following:

  • A rewarding career: There are many aspirants who wish to make a rewarding career in the childcare sector of Australia. The certificate iii in childcare course gives you the opportunity to attain your dream childcare career in Australia successfully.
  • Knowledge enhancement: Childcare workers who are working in childcare settings must attain a formal qualification to widen their job opportunities. The certificate iii in childcare is the perfect option to opt for people like them.
  • A remunerative course: The certificate iii in childcare course is a perfect combination of theoretical as well as practical learning. It includes a work placement session of twenty hours teamed up with the feasibility of online studying. You will be able to receive in-person classes while undergoing workplace training according to your choice. As a result, you will attain the most perfect practice about the things which you’ve learned.

If you have applied for the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, then, the workplace training duration will differ. In that case, you will need to undergo a workplace training session of two forty hours. 

Job Prospects

The certificate iii in childcare course is one of the most sought-after child care course in Perth Australia. Successful completion of this course will make you eligible for a wide range of job opportunities. Some of them include the following:

  • The operator at a Family Day Care Service
  • Occasional Care Educator at an Early Childhood Setting operating at a common premise
  • Mobile Early Childhood Service Educator and
  • Education at a Centre-oriented Early Childhood Setup etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for certificate iii in the childcare course today! Rest assured that it is one of the most remunerative childcare courses in Perth in Australia. Completion of this course will ensure a promising childcare career for you in Perth!