Poco X2 to be Launched in Feb 2020

Poco India's General Manager stated we should expect the phone by the newly independent brand (ie Poco) by the end of the quarter. Now the firm took it into Twitter and narrowed the launching to"next month", which will be February.

Poco F2 / X2 Launch Date?

The tweet said"don't expect unofficial leaks, here is a formal one", however, the interview from the link is fairly much the exact same as the one from yesterday, including confirmation that Poco will use Xiaomi's manufacturing lines and distribution stations.

Presently, Poco is trying to make it function as a separate brand. It'll get its own sales team, marketing department, and product department, however they will focus on the market, so an global rollout is presently off the desk.

Poco is all over the news ever since Xiaomi announced its spin-off. Now, the independent brand is making its presence felt by finally responding to the build-up it has been getting about the next phone in over a year. After squashing rumours about Poco F2, Poco has now confirmed that it would indeed launch Poco X2 next month.


Poco F2 or Poco X2

poco x2 launch

Poco confirmed the name Poco X2 on its official Twitter handle on Monday. Instead of continuing to build more suspense, the company also revealed the official launch date for the next Poco phone as February 4.

Poco fans are in a treat as the company revealed another interesting aspect of the phone. "An Xperience that will make you go, "Bruh, it's #SmoothAF" Poco India tweeted, hinting at higher refresh rate for the X2 smartphone. Poco is also taking a dig at rival smartphones with a website that tells you your phone's screen refresh rate.


Mocking Rivals

poco x2 vs oneplus 7t pro

When visited the site using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, the refresh rate was shown as 0Hz, which is clearly not true. The iPhones have a 60Hz refresh rate, but it is also the standard most of the smartphones that haven't been upgraded.

To test the website's accuracy, we tried visiting using OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, which has a 90Hz screen refresh rate. This time, the website accurately showed the 90Hz refresh rate but had a message that suggested Poco X2's refresh rate to be higher than 90Hz.

"It's kinda cute that you thought you are smooth and fast all this while. Life is full of disappointments, why stick with another one? Don't kid yourself," read the message after showing 90Hz refresh rate on the OnePlus 7T Pro's screen.

Poco had similar messages for Android phones with 60Hz display, calling the technology "almost 2 decades old" and then took a jibe at phones with 120Hz display. Currently, that's the highest refresh rate on a commercially-available smartphone.

"Oh so you think you made a smart choice by spending all that money on the latest and the best? We'd agree with you, but then we both would be wrong. Don't kid yourself," the message read on 120Hz screens.


What does it mean for Poco X2?

poco x2 vs one plus 7t pro

If Poco X2 is mocking OnePlus 7T Pro's 90Hz display, it is likely that the upcoming Poco phone will have a higher refresh rate display. When the screen test was done on 120Hz display, Poco's message questioned the price of the phone instead of hinting at going higher than that. This means, Poco X2 will indeed have a 120Hz refresh rate panel - much like ROG Phone 2 - for smoother user experience.

Other features of the Poco X2 have been teased by the company, which suggests "extreme gaming" in addition to "extreme refresh rate," a 64MP IMX686 sensor, liquid cooling technology and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

Poco X2 is also retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack and would feature USB Type-C for charging.


The Price

Despite major leaks and teasers, there's a tight lid on the Poco X2's price. But seeing how the features are turning out to be, we expect the phone to be priced under Rs 30,000, which would position it directly against the likes of OnePlus and Realme smartphones.

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