Seven Best and Evergreen Jackets to Style This Season: 2021

Seven Best and Evergreen Jackets to Style This Season: 2021

Jackets are the staple part of our wardrobes regardless of age and gender. There is no end to the fabrics and designs they are available in making them a most versatile garment. You can never run out of style options either if you have the right jackets in your collection.

Leather is one of the finest materials you can procure in outerwear. It is durable and has been in fashion for almost a century. Its timeless, functionality, and ease of wear have helped it remain popular to this day. The purpose of this styling guide by GenuineLeatherJackets USAis to update you about the trendiest of jacket choices for 2021. Read ahead to stock your wardrobe with these fashion-forward options.

Custom made designs

Customized jackets are a way to make your outerwear expressive and exclusively reflect your unique style. A custom-made jacket has so much personality as it's based on your preference. It is similar to a canvas where you can display a distinct statement for the world to see. Your mood and fashion sense can be represented in anything from the colors, cut, or embellishments of the jacket.  

Neutral shades

Neutral shades like brown and black can bring out the most basic of outfits. They can be styled with everything from a t-shirt to a formal shirt or a dress. You can either go for a solid black moment if you feel like being bold and edgy. Or pair your brown jacket with a blue or red top to make a vibrant outfit. Grays and whites are also laid-back yet classy contrasts for neutral hues.  


The first word that pops into our minds when we hear the word “vintage” is elegance. The popularity of vintage wear is unlikely to fade because of how chic it appears. Be it for their look or nostalgia they inspire vintage is here to stay and thrive. You can find quality pieces in this category in a broad variety of colors, prints, and cuts. It is the perfect ingredient to spice up your collection of outerwear. 

Pop culture inspired

Celebrities are always a major force behind making a fashion trend go viral. Even fictional characters from movies or shows we watch can influence style choices. Nowadays with Netflix on the block, the list of characters behind our dressing inspirations has become even longer. There are so many lead characters who just blow our minds with their outfits. From the riveting Cobra Kai jacket to Beth Harmon’s exquisite and graceful outerwear or any Forces Jacket, pop culture has much to give. So why not bring in a bit of screen magic to your own wardrobe as well with these designs?

Cropped length

Nothing speaks more modern in fashion than cropped jackets. Especially when it comes to ladies’ apparel. They are great for finishing off an outfit especially in denim and leather fabrics. Sometimes regular hip-length hems are not at all flattering to your figure. Or do not go with the attire you want to wear at that moment. A cropped jacket can be a huge savior on occasions like these.

They go especially well with long dresses, high-waisted trousers, and skirts. The reason behind it as they accentuate the waistline even further and make it look lean and minimal. Cropped jackets can also be worn in an off-the-shoulder style. Sling the jacket in a carefree way across your shoulders for a retro vibe.

It is also an ideal style for those frustrating days when winter is melting into summer. The sun is hot, yet things can get chilly when you are out and about while it's going down. So, having a cropped jacket handy will keep you both warm and yet not uncomfortably hot.    

Fur trimmings

Fur-trimmed jackets have a way of looking luxurious and royal as soon as they are on you. The funny thing is your outfit does not have to be all high-end to match it! A genuine furry jacket will capably uphold that vibe all by itself. It is open to be styled with anything from hippie jeans to athleisure or sweater sets.

There is hardly any outfit that you cannot carry with fur trim or an entire fur-covered jacket. High-heeled shoes and boots are the best way to give the final touches to a fur jacket outfit. You can just make it your own by mixing and matching it to render it suitable for the occasion. Not to mention they are your best companion for when the weather is harsh. Snuggle in your fur jacket and look like a fashionista even while traversing the roads on winter days or nights.   

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Camel toned

Last but not least on our list is camel-colored jackets which are the rage of this season. And we can absolutely see what their charm is all about. There is just nothing chicer and more classic than a camel jacket. It is one of those things which is timeless and never loses its appeal. Pair it with a Breton top or jeans. Pull it on over a slip dress. Wear it over your sweatpants and a tee-shirt when you are not in the mood to dress up. And every single time, it works. A camel-toned jacket will always look put together and high-end no matter how you style it. Lend it a pop of color with vibrant red heels to make it fun. Dress all in black with it or go for a pastel aesthetic. It will not cease to surprise you with how good it looks.

These are the jacket styles that are the top picks for this season. Fashion has now become a name for something that helps you express yourself. Your clothes can be an announcement to the world about your inner self. How unique, and worthy, and confident you are. Therefore, take our suggestions and experiment with them to your heart’s content. The looks you create will be better than anything suggested by a designer or shown in a fashion mag.